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236Important News for Canadians on List

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  • lostcathy
    Feb 8, 2002
      To any Canadians on the list who live in
      Ontario:<br><br>My friends on the Canadian Council of Birthmothers
      will be holding a <br>candlelight vigil on Monday,
      April 8th at 7:00 pm outside Queen's Park in
      <br>Toronto. We need lots of people to march with them. This
      is very important <br>as it will bring attention to
      the Progressive Conservatives that we are
      <br>desperate for Bill 77 (Open Adoption Records) to be
      passed.<br><br>This is going to be the 3rd and final reading of the
      bill.<br><br>Please tell as many people as possible.<br><br>If you
      are able to make it, that would be
      great.<br><br>Thanks for your support.<br><br>Cathy