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  • Vince Deehan
    Jun 27, 2013
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      Hello everyone,

      I hope you are all well.

      A few of us from the Facebook group page are going to see a live show
      called TIMBER! at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on Friday, July 12th at

      The show is " The UK premiere of a joyous, log-balancing, wood-chucking,
      axe-juggling spectacular from a family of lumberjack circus-performers.


      It looks like a lot of fun. Tickets cost 20 pounds for the top price
      tickets, if you use the promo code CIRCUS. They normally cost 32 pounds.
      Huw and I are in seats B27 and B28 - the right hand side of the stalls,
      as you look at the seating plan.

      To book a seat, go here:


      Everyone is welcome. Please join us.

      We can meet outside the Queen Elizabeth Hall at about 7:15pm.

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