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Re: [logan2knits] Dulaan Project

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  • Joyce M. Fitzgerald
    Hi Becca! I love knitting for the Dulaan Project! Saturdays tend to be pretty busy for me, but I would like to help with this. So here is what I can offer you:
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      Hi Becca!

      I love knitting for the Dulaan Project!

      Saturdays tend to be pretty busy for me, but I would
      like to help with this.

      So here is what I can offer you:

      1.) I already have some mittens and hats done for the
      Dulaan Project, and I can add them to your collection
      if you like.

      2.) I have approximately 1000 yards of %100 wool
      chunky yarn that knits up quickly. I was going to use
      this for the Dulaan Project anyway, so I am more than
      happy to share.

      3.) Although %100 wool is preferred, I can also
      contribute some %20 wool/%80 acrylic chunky weight
      yarn. I don't know what the yardage is, but there is
      certainly enough to make two or three child size

      4.)Also, I can contribute a little money to cover the
      cost of postage.

      Becca, it is great that you are doing this! Thank


      --- Rebecca Boland <rebeccaboland@...> wrote:

      > Hello!
      > Many of you know that I haven't been able to attend
      > a lot of meetings
      > lately because of graduate courses in Library and
      > Information Science.
      > For my Leadership and Communication class, I was
      > asked to choose a
      > project or an idea that means a lot to me and
      > execute it. I have
      > chosen to have a knitting meet-up at the Logan
      > Square Library to
      > collect and create hand knits for the Dulaan
      > Project. I am sending
      > out the mass e-mail below to the entirety of the
      > Chicago SnB, but I
      > wanted to to specifically write all of you and ask
      > you to join me and
      > the knitters of Chicago to do something good. I
      > know that a lot of
      > you are busy with family, work, and other
      > engagements, but if you
      > could just take a couple of hours out of your day to
      > meet up on a
      > Saturday and knit for charity, it would mean so much
      > to me. If you
      > can't make it, but would still like to make
      > something for the Dulaan
      > Project, I will collect items at all of the meetings
      > I can attend
      > between now and early May when I send out the
      > package.
      > I look forward to seeing everyone! Let me know if
      > you have any questions!
      > Thanks a million,
      > Becca
      > The following letter I will (hopefully) be sending
      > to the entire Chicago SnB
      > listserv:
      > Hello Knitters!
      > Looking for a way to get rid of some of that wool to
      > make room for new
      > summer yarn? Why don't you meet up with other
      > knitters and help to
      > collect warm hand knits for the Dulaan Project.
      > Never heard of the
      > Dulaan Project? It's a project spearheaded by
      > knitters to help warm
      > Mongolia. Dulaan means "warm" in Mongolian -- both
      > physical and
      > emotional warmth. Mongolian winters are very
      > extreme and temperatures
      > can drop to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm, well-made
      > clothing can help
      > warm a body, but can also give an opportunity for a
      > child to go to
      > school or an adult to go to work.
      > Stop by the Logan Square Public Library (located at
      > 3030 West
      > Fullerton Avenue in Logan Square) between 2pm and
      > 4:30pm on Saturday,
      > April 22nd. Bring a hand knit you've already
      > finished, start a quick
      > project at the meet-up, or simply click your needles
      > together and
      > cheer on those busily knitting away. I will be
      > sending the projects
      > collected out at the beginning of May, so if you
      > don't think you'll be
      > finished with your project by April 22, talk to me
      > at the library and
      > we can work something out to get your knits where
      > they are most
      > needed.
      > For the projects themselves, you may use whatever
      > yarn and colors you
      > like. There is a need for hats, mittens, socks, neck
      > gaiters, scarves
      > and sweaters for all ages from babies to
      > adults�especially for
      > children ages 2-10. Think warmth and simplicity.
      > Links to patterns are
      > posted at
      > <www.whitehalldesign.com/dulaan/dulaanpatterns.htm>,
      > including one for double-thick fleece blankets that
      > require no
      > knitting or sewing.
      > For anymore information on the Dulaan project,
      > please check out:
      > or
      > Check out Ryan's blog at:
      > This particular entry shows pictures of the children
      > of Mongolia
      > receiving some of their hand knits. I dare you not
      > to pick up your
      > pointy sticks after looking at that one!
      > If you have any other questions, please feel free to
      > contact me at:
      > rebeccaboland@.... Please put Dulaan in the
      > subject line so I
      > can get back to you as soon as possible.
      > All are welcome! (We happily invite our crochet,
      > sewing, and
      > otherwise stitchin' cousins to join us as well).
      > I look forward to seeing you all!
      > Becca Boland
      > Proud Member of Logan Square SnB
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