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  • Rebecca Boland
    Denise, I haven t felted cashmere, but I found some articles that discuss it online: http://www.blackbirdsf.org/diy/blanket/
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 9, 2006

      I haven't felted cashmere, but I found some articles that discuss it online:


      It looks like it's certainly possible . . . most of the articles I came
      across felted it on accident, and then were surprised by the super soft
      results. I hope this helps! Maybe someone has some firsthand knowledge,
      but I thought this might give you a head start!


      On 2/9/06, blindlemonbolton <denisebolton@...> wrote:
      > Have you guys done a lot of felting? Here's my question: Can you felt
      > cashmere?
      > I know this sounds obnoxious but this is what I'm thinking... I have
      > this obsession with recycling yarn which has so far only manifested
      > with me going out and buying all sorts of old sweaters and then
      > folding them on top of my yarn drawer without actually unwinding them
      > or knitting them into anything. Well, once again today, I found
      > myself in my local thrift shop, and once again I found a couple of
      > lovely sweaters that I want to turn into something else. One is very
      > finely knit, with big flowers embroidered over it, and I don't want to
      > actually unwind it; I just want to cut a big square out of it and make
      > that into one half of a cushion cover. The second sweater is a very
      > similar colour to the first and is amazingly enough another 100%
      > cashmere find. I thought I could just cut it up and make the second
      > half of the cushion cover out of it, and then there would be one side
      > that is all pretty and a second side that is all soft for laying your
      > head against (ah!). However, the knitted cashmere is pretty stretchy,
      > and I thought that felting it might make it less stretchy but still
      > might retain its softness. That's why I'm asking...
      > I am totally ready to believe that this is all just crazy talk, and
      > that I should just find a happy recipient for the sweater (although
      > it's a small, dark grey, shapeless, styleless turtleneck and its
      > softness is really the only thing it has going for it) OR my other
      > thought was that I could maybe sew it into a few luxurious soft
      > pouches like the knitted ones in Last Minute Knitted Gifts and use
      > them for gift bags (I really like that idea too...). Anyway, there's
      > certainly no unwinding possible here- this thing was machine knitted
      > with thread!
      > Any thoughts on felting, fellow knitters?
      > -Denise
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