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631Re: [logan2knits] Knitting this week

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  • Tim Carpenter, Ann Cibulskis
    Aug 2, 2006
      I'll am heading off to Colorado tonight, so no LSK for
      me. Boo hoo! I've really got to get out, hopefully
      next week.

      Has anyone thought about the granitti knitting with
      Inger? Perhaps she will come to the meeting one of
      these nights? I don't know that we need to set a
      separate meeting to discuss participation with her.

      Thanks, Joyce, for the smoking info. I actually have
      broader concerns than only sensitive individuals, and
      I am deeply disappointed that our city council rolled
      over for a weak ordinance. It is the workers in the
      bars who suffer the worst health effects. And, as the
      latest surgeon general's report says, no level of
      exposure to second-hand smoke is safe. OK, off the
      soapbox and on to the airport!


      --- "Joyce M. Fitzgerald" <bigwildonion@...>

      > This week's meeting will be at SmallBar, 2956 N.
      > Albany (the corner of
      > Albany and Wellington), from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. The
      > patio at SmallBar is
      > family-friendly and pet-friendly. There is a nice
      > bar food menu.
      > Please let us know if you will be there.
      > In response to concerns about smoking on the
      > SmallBar patio--it is not
      > smoke-free. However, my experience suggests smokers
      > don't roll in
      > until late, and the patio has good air circulation.
      > Of course,
      > sensitive individuals could be harmed by even a
      > small amount of smoke.
      > So please feel free to suggest other venues if
      > SmallBar is not
      > workable for you.

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