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1967Re: A January Knitting Meet-up Idea!

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  • Maryknits513@sbcglobal.net
    Dec 28, 2009
      I'm not an expert,but I could help a beginning knitter.
      I'm pretty good at finishing things, so I could help with that.  I also have software for stitch pattern and sweater design on my laptop.  If anyone is interested, I could bring it to the meeting.
      For once, I don't have 3 other things planned for the date.
      See you there,
      Mary S.
      Maryknits513 on Ravelry
      >> have an idea to host a "beginners" knitting mtg, but as I've learned from a recent art fair I helped to organize at church, it's VERY difficult to teach knitting to more than one person. SO...what would you think of coming to the meeting and teaching someone how to get started? That way, we can teach and reach MANY potential new knitters! What do you say?? Are you in? I'm opening this mtg to all who want to learn how to knit, regardless of age. I'm thinking either January 17th or 24th (or possibly both) in the afternoon, at my house.<<

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