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1884Re: Regular meeting at New Wave (was: Knit Night at Ann's)

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  • Deanna McMillan
    Jul 30, 2009
      Hello! Longtime lurker here, hope to make it to a meetup soon!

      Honestly, I dislike the idea of not communicating with the staff and
      manager before holding group meetings at any restaurant or cafe. It's
      really inconsiderate to them not to be warned in advance of increased
      business, and it would also be good to have their official blessing to
      meet--after all, it's their business and they do not have to welcome
      us, so it's best to establish some sort of relationship in advance.
      Even if only two people have replied here, you never know whether or
      not any lurkers will show up and overwhelm the staff.

      The Rogers Park SnB group does a weekly poll (Yahoo Groups is awesome
      for this), and someone volunteers to call the restaurant at which they
      meet to notify them of how many people to expect, even if no one will
      be meeting. I think that's a good plan, and it's led to a great
      rapport between the restaurant management and that SnB group. Perhaps
      this group could try something similar? Who knows, maybe New Wave
      will love us and start reserving a certain area of the cafe just for
      us every week.

      Just my $0.02.


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      > 1a. Re: Regular meeting at New Wave (was: Knit Night at Ann's)
      > Posted by: "Kelly" avoriana@... avoriana
      > Date: Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:39 am ((PDT))
      > Okay, so it seems like a lot of people can make it on Wednesdays. Why don't we plan our first meeting for next Wednesday, August 5 at New Wave? Say at 6 o'clock? I will get there early to stake out a table, and if some people can't make it until 7, then that's fine, we'll just snowball and pick up momentum.
      > We can iron out the details on how often we want to meet and how we want to do things in the future in person.
      > I don't think we need to alert New Wave. Let's surprise attack! And if we are only two people, I will be thrilled with that and call it a group. Every river starts with a raindrop, you know.
      > I'll be the girl knitting, or you can just call me on my cell. I will also send out a reminder for this on Tuesday.
      > Kelly Kensell
      > 312-451-6141
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