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Re: Mgb components

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  • Rick & Lesley Hargraves
    Hi Mike, The Volvos usually have nice 4 spot brake calipers that are a popular conversion to the Cortina MK3/4/5 ( or US equivalent) spindles here in AUS for
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 8, 1999
      Hi Mike,

      The Volvos usually have nice 4 spot brake calipers that are a popular
      conversion to the "Cortina" MK3/4/5 ( or US equivalent) spindles here in AUS
      for racing.

      I am going to do that conversion along with 10" ventilated discs - I sold
      the A/C from my Toyota front cut today for $250 - more play money.

      The diff should be worthwhile as it is the same style as the
      Cortina/Escort - may be a bit wider.


      Tricky H.
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      Date: Monday, February 08, 1999 5:31 AM
      Subject: [locost] Mgb components

      >From: polan@...
      >MGs are great cars, aren't they Steve! Not the most powerful, but fun,
      >nicely balanced, very reliable, and very cheap to run. It's a shame they
      >stopped making them - except for the extremely expensive MGRV8, which would
      >be hard to justify to the wife ;-)!
      >I don't know anything about the capri, but I bet there's someone using it
      >or a mustang on the list, I'm sure they'll help. I'd image the front hubs
      >would work too, though I wouldn't relish hauling any of those parts 2mi
      >through the woods!
      >I used to own a volvo 240 too, I can't image there's too much that could be
      >used, with the exception of perhaps the rack and the rear axle - it's a
      >mcpherson strut car too, right? Bit I agree, the volvo's a pretty big,
      >heavy car.
      >I know for sure there's builders using the pinto spindles and recently
      >there's been some talk about using the mini shocks, definitely repost here
      >under that subject to see how that's going.
      >Finding info is a lot more fun than it used to be - a year ago there was
      >Peter Dunn's site, and the occasional posting to the 7's list by Alex, and
      >that was it. But now there's this forum - these guys are great, and
      >they've saved me an enormous amount of time with their tips and
      >suggestions! You've definitely come to the right place!
      >Mike Polan
      >sglass@... on 02/06/99 04:37:50 PM
      >Please respond to locost@onelist.com
      >To: locost@onelist.com
      >cc: (bcc: Mike Polan/Toronto/IBM)
      >Subject: [locost] Re: Mgb components
      >From: sglass@...
      >Thanks for the input. I have a 71 MGB that I restored and in the process I
      >accumulated a lot of extra parts, Hence my interest in trying to use
      >them. The sound of an MGB with a free flow exhaust is great. but I too
      >wonder if it would fit. I found a Capri in the woods behind my house and
      >hope to use the steering rack and maybe the rear axle. I will have to
      >convice my two boys to carry it out for me its about 2 miles in and has
      >been used for target practise
      >to the extent I really had a hard time figuring out what kind of car it
      >actually was. Alex sent me a chassis drawing as a DXF and I hope to draw
      >the parts such as the axle in and see how it all fits on paper. I also
      >have a bunch of 240 volvo parts and perhaps they would work except I think
      >they are on the big side. Do you have any measuremnts for Pinto spindles
      >and have you heard of the MINI shock to coil over shock conversion? I
      >appreciate the help and hope I can return the favor. I find gathering the
      >info a fun part of the project how about you?
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