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Re: [locost] Front wishbone mounts

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  • Geoff Tyler
    Hi Paul, You ll be pleased to know that you re not alone with this problem, I think everybody puzzled over this. The answer seems to be with FU1 & FU2, whose
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2000
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      Hi Paul,

      You'll be pleased to know that you're not alone with this problem, I
      think everybody puzzled over this. The answer seems to be with FU1 & FU2,
      whose final positions are critical to the alignment of the suspension
      mounts, yet the book is very vague about this. I had these two members
      tacked in placed, but on fitting the mounts had to move them both forwards
      and slightly inwards towards the centreline to get it all to line up.

      My suggestion would be to make your wishbones to the book dimensions,
      tack the front mounts to LA/LB, offer up the wishbones and then position
      FU1/FU2 so it all lines up, hopefully you haven't fully welded them


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      From: paul franklyn <paul@...>

      > Hi Daren I have had a look at your web site with regard to how you aligned
      the top wishbones.It appears that you have the same problem as I have in
      that the top front mountings do not line up with tubes LA and LB and come
      behind them instead of central as shown in the book.This is what I found
      when i first tried to fit my mountings and prompted me to ask on the list
      about how others had set theirs up.How have you mounted the bracket?, my
      idea is to remake the top wishbones with a longer front arm to allow the
      bracket to come centrally on the two front upright tubes, this is not to
      great a problem as i have only made one so far to the book measurements.I
      cannot understand where the error has occurred unless the 3" offset on the
      front assembly is wrong in the book ,although i have not heard of this error
      mentioned before.
      > To allow me to adjust the castor i have made the bush tubes 10 mm shorter
      so as to fit the poly bushes with no gap between the inside faces I will
      then use machined spacers and washers to adjust the position.
      > Paul.
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