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Re: East Bay Commute Q

Give yourself 2 hours. Chris Barker, Ph.D. Adjunct Associate Professor of Biostatistics - UIC-SPH and President and CEO Statistical Planning and Analysis
May 18

Re: East Bay Commute Q

40 minutes if all goes well 😏
Ramona Lancaster
May 18

Re: East Bay Commute Q

Google Maps says about an hour Google Maps
May 18

East Bay Commute Q

I have to be in Alameda on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. and absolutely cannot be late. However, I don't usually drive in the East Bay and know nothing at all about
Vicky Campagna
May 17

Council Poised to Approve Extensive Zoning Revisions

http://belmontwatch.com Council Poised to Approve Extensive Zoning Revisions 5/11/15 On Tuesday May 12, Belmont City Council will hold the public hearing of
May 12

Re: Groomer for an older dog?

On 5/10/2015 2:02 PM, Carol Sanders csanders@... [local2me] ... If you really think that being tranquilized would be the best for your baby, Belmont
May 10

Re: Groomer for an older dog?

Along those same lines, can anyone recommend a mobile pet grooming service?  Our dog doesn't travel very well these days and he only needs a wash, not a cut.
Diane and Rich Holman
May 10

Re: Groomer for an older dog?

I live in Emerald Hills.  We'll probably travel anywhere on the peninsula. From: "CatWoman diana@... [local2me]" To:
Carol Sanders
May 10

Re: Groomer for an older dog?

Where do you live - or are willing to travel to?
May 10

Pedicure Q

Does anyone have a recommendation? How much do they cost? Thanks, Vicky Campagna
Vicky Campagna
May 10

Re: Groomer for an older dog?

Don't know what city u r in but The Barking Lot in Los Altos is very good. They did my older dog who was almost 15. Judith Sent from my iPhone 5s Judith Marx
Judith Marx Golub
May 10
May 10

Re: Groomer for an older dog?

We take our 15 year old Standard Poodle to Bow Wow Meow in San Carlos. Hope this helps. ... From: "Carol Sanders csanders@... [local2me]"
May 10

Groomer for an older dog?

My little guy is maybe 12 or 13 years old.  (He's a rescue, so we're not sure.)  He had a full blown panic attack at his groomer's place yesterday.  Now the
Carol Sanders
May 10

housesitter available, also seeking room for rent

A friend in her 60s is between permanent homes and looking for housesitting oppportunities (free or for pay) and/or an affordable room to rent. She can cat sit
Lena M. Diethelm
May 3
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