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NPA Activity for 2006+

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  • Mark J. Cuccia
    As we now enter 2006, it still looks like another slow year for new area code activity. There are only four new NPA codes announced so far for 2006: 762 to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2006
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      As we now enter 2006, it still looks like another "slow" year
      for "new area code" activity. There are only four new NPA codes
      announced so far for 2006:

      762 to overlay 706 in norther Georgia (outside of Atlanta GA
      Metro), to take effect with Tuesday-16-May-2006 (i.e., "new"
      762-NXX c.o.codes, pre-ordered via NANPA's c.o.code assignment
      group, could begin to take effect this date), with mandatory
      ten-digit dialing of intra-706 local calls (as 706+seven-digits)
      taking effect on Monday-03-April-2006. However, the GA-PSC has
      ordered that while there are still as many 706-NXX c.o.codes
      available for assignment (and there are quite a number of them),
      those codes must be assigned first, prior to any new 762-NXX
      codes being assigned. Thus, it might be *YEARS* before we
      really see any "real" NPA 762 numbers in effect! BellSouth's
      762-222-7777 test number is active (and it returns billing
      supervision) though.

      424 is still scheduled to OVERLAY 310 in the coastal part of
      southern California (Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Culver City,
      Malibu, Avalon/Santa Catalina, Torrance, San Pedro, Redondo,
      Inglewood, etc), with new 424-NXX c.o.codss, pre-ordered thru
      NANPA-c.o.code group, on Saturday-26-August-2006. Mandatory
      1+ten-sdigit dialing of intra-310 local/toll calls (as
      1+310+seven-digits) taking effect on Wednesday-26-July-2006.
      There might still be nay-sayer opposition to any overlays and
      associated (1+)ten-digit intra-NPA local dialing in California,
      and I've heard that there were already some court challenges to
      this overlay having been filed at the time the CA-PUC and NANPA
      announced this Summer 2006 overlay this past Summer 2005. But
      I don't know what the status of these legal challenges are at
      present. at&t/SBC/Pac*Bell's 424-424-0424 test number is active
      as previously reported.

      Late October/early November will bring two overlays in "Bell
      Canada" territory as well as mandatory ten-digit dialing for
      other Ontario/Quebec area codes...

      519 in southern ON will be overlaid with 226;
      514 in Montreal QC Metro will be overlaid with 438;
      And 613 ON, 819 QC, and 450 QC will all have mandatory ten-digit
      dialing for intra-NPA local calling although they won't be
      overlaid at this time. 613 for the Ottawa ON side as well as the
      rest of most of southeastern ON could need further relief first
      but it probably won't be until the 2010-2015 time period. While
      there has been no "official" announcement of what code might
      overlay 613, the "guess" is that it will be 343.

      I don't really think that there might be any further new area
      codes to take effect during 2006, unless they are to take effect
      during 4th-Q of 2006. But there might be announcements of new
      area codes taking effect, possibly with firm announced dates
      during 2007, along with announcements of the new codes.

      It's possible that there will be some kind of firm announcement
      regarding an activation date or mandatory (1+)ten-digit dialing
      date, for 815 in northern/northeastern IL outside Chicago Metro
      being overlaid with 779, for 630 in the western/central and
      southwestern suburbs of Chicago Metro being overlaid with 331,
      for 618 southern IL being overlaid with 730, for 217 in south-
      central IL most likely to be overlaid (probably with 751)...

      The 815/779 test number has already been announced as
      779-779-0000, with VZ/GTE providing it, but the switch/CLLI
      and ratecenter of the 779-779 c.o.code is still to be announced.

      Test numbers themselves for the 630/331 overlay (most likley to
      be at&t/SBC/Ameritech/IL-Bell), 618/730 overlay (announced to
      be VZ/GTE), and whatever is planned for 217, still have to be
      announced, as well as the switch/CLLI and ratecenter for those
      test numbetr c.o.codes.

      There might be some further announcements on 304/West Virginia.
      There is no firm indication on whether 304 WV will be overlaid
      or whether it will be split, and if split, "how" will it be
      split. The "guessed at" code for relief for 304 is 681.

      There might be some further announcements on 402/Nebraska.
      It is most likely going to be where the southeastern NE LATA of
      "Alltel" (Lincoln NE, formerly Lincoln Tel & Tel) will split
      from 402 into the new NPA code -- 402 being retained by
      Qwest-LEC/US-West/NW-Bell in northeastern NE (Omaha NE/etc).
      The "guessed at" code for relief for 402 is 531.

      During 2006, there might also be some announcements of a firm
      date for mandatory ten-digit intra-NPA local dialing as well as
      when the overlays take effect, for:

      564 to overlay at least 360 in western WA state...
      there are EIGHT test numbers, 564-A00/A01-0564, where 'A' is
      2,3,4, or 5; all eight test numbers were active about 2000,
      but I don't know if Qwest-LEC/US-West and VZ/GTE necessarily
      still have all test numbers up-and-running, or if all of the
      major LD-carriers (AT&T/MCI/Sprint) still route to all of these
      test-number c.o.codes. The switch/CLLIs and ratecenters for
      all eight test-numbers are located within the 360 NPA region,
      although the future plans are for 564 to overlay *ALL* of
      western-WA state, including 206, 253, and 425 in the Seattle WA
      extended Metro Area. 564-500 and 564-501 are for VZ/GTE, while
      the other six 564-NXX codes/test-numbers are for Qwest/US-West.
      VZ-GTE's 564-500-0564 MONRWAXXDS1 (Monroe WA) was the only one
      of the eight test-numbers which returned answer/billing
      supervision when all eight were still quite active circa 2000.

      and 203 in southwestern CT to be overlaid with 475. This
      overlay was originally supposed to take effect circa 2000/01,
      along with 860 in the remainder of CT being overlaid with 959.
      The test numbers, 475-475-TEST (NRWLCT02DS0 Norwalk CT) and
      959-959-TEST (HRFRCT03DS0 Hartford CT), TEST spelling out 8378,
      have been active by at&t/SBC/SNET for several years (depending
      on whether your LD-carrier/cellular-provider routes to them,
      as well as whether your landline LEC has 475 and 959 opened up
      in local translations). While there might be some activity or
      forthcoming announcements on the 203/475 overlay maybe this
      new year (2006), it will still be a little while longer before
      anything would happen with the 860/959 overlay in CT.

      But as has been the case since around 2002/03, I see 2006 and
      the next several years as still being a rather "slow" period
      for new NPAs, either announced, whether announcing a new code,
      or announcing "firm" dates for activation, or being activated
      themselves, as well as slow for planning for future NPA splits
      or overlays. Thankfully, with various code and numbering
      conservation measures in place, "new area code" activity has
      slowed down to "late 1980s/early 1990s" levels, with anywhere
      from two to four new area codes each year, rather than the
      (rather wasteful) 1995-2001 period of anywhere from eight to 43
      new area codes per year!

      Also, at present, there are still no "POTS/geographic" non-test
      c.o.codes within the following "overlay" NPA codes, while there
      is mandatory ten-digit local dialing in the "base" area codes to
      be overlaid: 412 & 724 PA (being overlaid with 878), 601 MS
      (being overlaid with 769), 809 Dominican Republic (being
      overlaid with 829). I don't know when there will be some "real"
      470 GA numbers (overlaying 404/770/678) but the reason that
      ten-digit dialing is mandatory in Atlanta GA Metro is because
      678 overlaid 404/770 in early 1998. And it was only last year
      (2005) that there finally were some "real" 947-NXX codes in the
      (2002) overlay of 248 Michigan with 947 along with mandatory
      intra-248 local ten-digit dialing. All new 947-NXX codes are assigned to
      VeriZon Wireless, some 30 codes total, either for
      wireless associated with the Ortonville MI ratecenter with
      twenty-two codes (served out of either SFLEMIFXCM0 or
      SFLEMIFXCM0), or eight codes to the Clarkston MI ratecenter
      (served out of SFLEMIFXCM0).

      Finally, there also might be some further announcements on
      future relief of 580/OK (new code maybe 359? or 578?) and 870/AR
      (new code maybe 327?); maybe even some announcement as to a new
      date for the 801/385 Salt Lake City UT Metro split (which
      hopefully could be turned into an overlay, which it should have
      been from the beginning of NPA relief planning and later

      Mark J. Cuccia
      markjcuccia at yahoo dot com
      Lafayette LA

      Yahoo! for Good - Make a difference this year.
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