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Another 1AESS Replaced w/ 5ESS Last Fall, SWBell St.Louis MO Area

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  • markjcuccia@yahoo.com
    In early February 2009, I had posted information on a cutover from a 1AESS to a 5ESS in at&t/BellSouth territory of Delray FL, to take effect later in the year
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      In early February 2009, I had posted information on a cutover from
      a 1AESS to a 5ESS in at&t/BellSouth territory of Delray FL, to take
      effect later in the year (this year, 2009). I hadn't noticed that
      at&t/SWBell had also posted a public network/technical notice in
      July 2008, regarding a similar cutover of a 1AESS to a 5ESS, in the
      St.Louis MO area:

      "at&t Southwest", formerly SBC, formerly Southwestern Bell,
      has an announcement on their "interconnections/technical
      disclosures" webpages, that the St.Louis MO "Bridgeton" central
      office will changeover from an Alcatel-Lucent 1AESS to an
      Alcatel-Lucent 5ESS-DRM (Distinctive Remote Module) on Saturday
      15-November-2008 (I assume in the early morning hours).

      This already has happened -- I only discovered the previously
      indicated documentation, today!

      This document is NOT restricted, and can be found from at&t's
      interconnection/etc. webpage:

      The actual MS-Word .doc file, originally dated Thursday 24-July-2008,
      revised on Saturday 15-November-2008, is at:

      STLSMO42CG0 Alcatel-Lucent 1AESS
      SS7 Point Code 249-146-001

      STLSMO42DS1 Alcatel-Lucent 5ESS-DRM (Digital Remote Module)
      SS7 Point COde 249-146-106

      The homing LATA-tandem for the 5ESS-DRM will remain the same, STLSMO2101T, a 5ESS, St.Louis (Creve Coeur) MO "Ladue".

      The pair of both STP's (Signal Transfer Points) will remain the same:
      STLSMO2102W, STLSMO4102W
      serving both the old 1AESS and the new 5ESS.

      There are eight NPA-NXX c.o.codes served, which migrated from the old
      1AESS (-CG0), over to the new 5ESS (-DS1):
      314-209, 314-291, 314-298, 314-344,
      314-702, 314-738, 314-739, 314-770

      The ratecenter for all of these 314-NXXes is actually "Ladue MO".

      AT ONE TIME, co-located at this St.Louis MO (Ladue MO) "Bridgeton MO"
      building were two at&t/SouthWestern-Bell remote switches, but this
      apparently no longer exist: STLSMO42RS2, STLSMO42RS3.

      There are still approx. 70 (seventy) 1AESS switches throughout the US...

      ONLY THREE in VZ/BA/C&P -- one in Maryland, two in Virginia

      a small handful in at&t/Ameritech, scattered in Michigan, and only
      two in the Chicago IL metro area

      Several in at&t/BellSouth territory -- mostly in Georgia and Florida,
      one in Tennessee, and a few in Alabama and Louisiana

      and several in at&t/S.W.Bell territory -- a handful in Missouri, and
      SEVERAL in Texas....

      It doesn't seem like there are any others in VZ/NYNEX, nor at&t/SNET-CT,
      nor Qwest/US-West (NW-Bell, Mtn-Bell, Pac-NW-Bell), nor Cincinnati Bell,
      nor at&t/Pacific*Bell/NV*Bell, nor FairPoint-legacy-VZ/NET&T.

      I think that Canada got rid of their similar Nortel SP-x switches,
      all replaced with digitals (mostly Nortel-DMS) some years ago, even
      though many Canadian CLLIs still are shown with -CG(x) instead of -DS(x)
      although there MIGHT still be similar #1EAX or similar, in legacy
      GTE-BC-Tel territory (now part of Telus), etc.

      I do NOT know offhand if any other independents in the US or elsewhere
      (Caribbean, Pacific, etc) still have any (non-digital) #1EAX or similar
      from GTE-AE.

      Mark J. Cuccia
      markjcuccia at yahoo dot com
      Lafayette LA, formerly of New Orleans LA pre-Katrina
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