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His Holiiness' Birthday & Party!

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  • Tsomo
    July 6, Friday His Holiness Dalai Lama s Birthday 6.30pm Join Us! to make prayers for His Holiness long life and to celebrate His birthday. We ll offer a
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      July 6, Friday

      His Holiness Dalai Lama's Birthday



      Join Us!

      to make prayers for His Holiness' long life and to celebrate His birthday. We'll offer a birhtday cake and perform a short Chenresig Guru Yoga practice, written by His Holiness himself.


      Worker Bees & Festival Day Volunteers
      An extra BIG thank you to all of you!

      Volunteers: Aaron Sale, Annie Chapin, Bob Evelsizor, Camoe Moore. Cary Friedman, Cathy Young & Leslie, Chris & Marcy Cayton, Cory Cupp, Dave Keegan, David Scott, Diana Mossman, Don Issacson, Dwight Smith & Nancy, Fabienne Pradelle, Gary Harold, James Linehan, Jody Espinoza, Karen Schembs, Karen Thiesen, the Landaw family - Jon, Truss, Anna & Kevin; Leo Reily, Mark Mitchell, Mark Ruggieri, Mary Reynolds, Michael Burdick, Mikkel, Michele Anderson, Myna Bushman, Nancy Kvam, Nyingje Angles, Pam Cayton, Rachel Robertson, Rich Ulrich, Ruth & Janet Cook & Brittany, Sean Camp, Elizabeth Newman, Todd Anderson, Tom Waggoner, Steve Worley, Nyima & Giselle, Ven. Kim and Ven. Nyima; and anyone else that we've, in our carelessness, left out.

      Also to our teachers, Sangha & staff at LMB: Khensur Jampa Tegchog Rinpoche, Ven. Steve, Ven. Samten, Ven. Tsomo, Ven. Chosang, Ven Tenzin Chogkyi, Erick, Sarah & Elouan, Ben, Marti & Sam, Ariel & Cayce, Vikrant, Paula, Sandra, Susan, Laura, Deste, Dorje, Thea, Vimal, Bhuchung, Mickey, Steve, Linda & John.

      And last but not the least, Denice Macy, the Event Coordinator.


      You are especially invited to join us!

      We have something special for you, to thank you for your kind efforts in helping us.  The Medicine Buddha Festival touched many people's hearts. And from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and wish you good health, long life and the highest happiness in accordance with the Dharma.

      If you cannot attend this thank you party, please know that you are treasured and that we could not have had the Festival without you!


      We also want to acknowledge the performers at the festival and particularly, our kind sponsors:


      Performers - Gamelan Orchestra, especially for leading the procession so beautifully once again; Tashi for playing the flute, and Ven. Nyingje and the Vajrapani Dharma Group.


      Sponsors -Sponsors:

      * Jacqueline Nguyen – offered all of the flowers for the day and her time and talent in creating the glorious arrangements.

      * Sean Camp – offered the loan of his fun Gelato Cart

      * Gelato Mania – Bob Cayton from Gelato Mania offered all of the delicious gelato

      * Jim Davidson & Janice Allan - offered the sweet rice for the puja

      * Cathy Young & Leslie - offered two days baking those yummy pies

      * Auction & Raffle Prizes donated by:
          - Way of Life, Capitola

          - Trader Joe's, Capitola

          - Pat Ryan, Soquel

          - The Ugly Mug, Soquel

          - Alan Rice Automotive, Soquel

          - Sawadee Thai Restaruant, Soquel

          - Caryl Smith, Santa Cruz

          - Lumbermens, Santa Cruz

          - Inner Journey, Los Gatos

          - California Giant, Watsonville

          - Day’s Inn, San Francisco

          - Vikrant Bhasin - Land of Medicine Buddha

          - Cayce Howe, Land of Medicine Buddha

          - Thea Crossley, Land of Medicine Buddha



      Tenzin Tsomo
      Spiritual Programme Coordinator
      Land of Medicine Buddha
      5800 Prescott Road
      Soquel , CA 95073 , USA


      * 100,000 Stupa Project - www.peacestupa.org

      * LMB is affiliated with the FPMT - www.fpmt.org

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