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LMB Humbly Welcomes Venerable Ribur Rinpoche

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  • Julia Dekker
    THE PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT Six Weekends that will Transform your Life! Land of Medicine Buddha is deeply honored to announce that Venerable Ribur Rinpoche, one
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2001
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      Six Weekends that will Transform your Life!

      Land of Medicine Buddha is deeply honored to announce that Venerable
      Ribur Rinpoche, one of the greatest Masters of Tibetan Buddhism in
      our time, will conduct an intensive course spanning six weekends (3/4
      Feb, 10/11 Feb, 17/18 Feb, 24/25 Feb, 3/4 March, 10/11 March 2001),
      detailing the essential ingredients for achieving enlightenment.

      Venerable Ribur Rinpoche's life stands as testament to the
      effectiveness of these teachings. Born in 1923, Ribur Rinpoche was
      recognized at the age of five by the Thirteenth Dalai Lama as a
      reincarnate master and he entered the monastery at an early age. He
      is one of the last surviving close disciples of the great Pabongka
      Rinpoche (1878-1941), author of Liberation In the Palm of Your Hand,
      and completed all the rigorous studies and special education required
      in Tibet by a reincarnate lama prior to the Chinese invasion.
      Rinpoche was subsequently imprisoned in Chinese labor camps for over
      twenty years and subjected to the misnamed "special treatment".
      During this time especially, he was forced to test the meaning of
      everything he had learned under the most extreme conditions. By using
      the daily tortures and beatings to deepen and intensify his practice
      of the teachings he developed the power to transform his mind in the
      most profound way. Ribur Rinpoche gentle presence radiates a fearless
      strength, loving compassion and otherworldliness that make him, like
      the Dalai Lama, stand out as a living example of the transformative
      power of the Buddha's teachings.

      Each of the six weekends will begin at 10:00 am on Saturday and
      finish at 4:30 pm on Sunday. The teachings will be introduced,
      reviewed and placed into a context that can enrich our daily lives by
      Venerable Sarah, an English nun with over eighteen years experience
      in the study and practice of the teachings. There will be guided
      meditation, practice and time for discussion. During the week, in
      their spare time, participants will have the opportunity to study
      course materials. They will be directed to meditation practices that
      will help them deepen their inner experience and integrate the

      Included within the course will be an optional Manjushri empowering
      ceremony to increase wisdom, a Mitukpa initiation for deep
      purification, and a long life empowering ritual.

      Mandarin translation will be available for the afternoon talks.

      The cost of each weekend will be $65 per person, which includes a
      light lunch on Saturday and Sunday and all course materials.
      Attendance in the afternoon sessions only will be $45 per weekend.

      Accommodation for participants will be available, for an additional
      charge, at Land of Medicine Buddha on Saturday nights.

      To study and receive the direct transmission of experiential
      teachings from such a senior master of Tibetan Buddhism is
      exceedingly rare and becomes more rare with each passing year. Places
      at this precious event are limited. To make the most of this once in
      a lifetime opportunity to learn how to literally transform your
      ordinary experience and your life, we recommend that students commit
      to attend the full series of weekend teachings. We understand that
      this will not be possible for all, so we invite you to please make
      reservations for the weekends that you are able to attend as soon as


      Please print out and complete the following form, and mail it with
      full payment to: Land of Medicine Buddha, 5800 Prescott Road, Soquel,
      CA 95073

      Name: ______________________________________________________

      Address: ______________________________________________________


      Phone: ______________________ Email: __________________________

      I would like to attend the following weekends: Feb 3/ 4, Feb 10/11,
      Feb 17/18, Feb 24/25, March 3/4, March 10/11. (Please circle the
      weekends you wish to attend)

      I enclose ............ full payment for the weekend(s) I am attending.

      For accommodation requests, please contact Land of Medicine Buddha at
      831- 462- 8383
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