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September, 2000 News

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  • Medbudha
    Land of Medicine Buddha - Center news: We are delighted to welcome Venerable Sarah Thresher to LMB as Spiritual Program Coordinator. An Editor with Wisdom
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2000
      Land of Medicine Buddha - Center news:

      We are delighted to welcome Venerable Sarah Thresher to LMB as
      Spiritual Program Coordinator. An Editor with Wisdom Publications for
      many years and a Buddhist Scholar, Venerable Sarah has taught all over
      the world especially in the UK, Holland, New Zealand, India and

      Silvia Wenger has decided to take up a job offer with the Hospice in San

      Francisco. We were both at a talk by Robert Thurman in San Francisco
      three months ago when the Head of the Zen Hospice Project of San
      Francisco offered her this job. I know that she has struggled long and
      hard over the past three months in arriving at the decision to leave
      LMB. Hospice is something Silvia feels a real calling for. She was
      appointed Director of the Tara Home Hospice project - Lama Zopa's plan
      to build a Hospice here in LMB. I understand that she will still retain
      this role and in the meantime gain additional experience in the San
      Francisco Hospice so that, in a couple of years, when we are ready to
      start theTara Home Hospice here, she will, hopefully return to direct
      I wil miss her as I am sure others will too. She played a crucial role
      in helping to move LMB forward to an improved level of operation.

      His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Visit May 2001

      His Holiness will be teaching May 17,18, 19 2001 each day 10am-noon and
      2pm -4pm on the Heart of Wisdom Sutra. On May 19th he will give a public

      talk "Peace through Inner Peace". May 20th starting 9.30am he will
      confer a Medicine Buddha Empowerment, followed, we hope, by a short Long

      Life Puja.

      Tickets are now available for this incredible event. We are offering
      these on a first come first served basis. Those who register early will
      get the best possible seating in the general seating area. We expect to
      be selling these through a ticket agency at a later stage, which will
      mean prices will be increased. Please e-mail us for further information.

      We are also offering accommodation and travel packages from LMB
      including dinner and breakfast May 16th through the 20th.
      Accommodation is available in shared rooms in LMB and you will travel by

      luxury coach to and from the teachings each day. We already have quite a

      number of bookings so please reserve your space!

      Upcoming Events and Programs

      The LMB Tuesday evening teachings will resume on September 5th at 7pm.
      Venerable Sarah Thresher will teach on Spiritual Transformation: The Key

      to Healing and Developing a Good Heart. Over several weeks Ven. Sarah
      will explain what this means and how healing and developing a good heart

      can become a reality for everyone.

      The Sunday Dharma Day

      On September 10th we are having our first Dharma Day to which all are
      invited. It will begin at 10:30am sharp in the Gompa with a brief
      teaching followed by some chanting and a short meditation. The teaching

      topic is The 4 Noble Truths.

      We are confidently assured by the Lady Kym a/k/a Queen of the Pool and
      Forest John a/k/a Knight of the Pool that the pool will be open, heated
      and ready! So be prepared to swim. All are welcome. Bring the kids.
      We are planning some instruction in children's beginning meditation and
      art projects for all ages. There will be a potluck after the teachings,

      so please bring food and drink to share. See you there!

      Fall Program Highlights

      Qinway Qi Gong, Master Qinyin (Sept 15 - 17)
      Master Qinyin is an experienced Qi Gong Master, new to the Bay area.
      She will lead this extraordinary residential weekend during which
      participants will learn the secrets of detoxification as well as quantum

      energizing. This is a unique opportunity to learn from an established
      Master, one not to be missed. You will feel younger, healthier and
      learn to integrate her special teachings into your daily life.

      Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction,
      Bob Stahl, Ph.D., Mark Abramson, D.D.S. (October 6-8)
      Imagine going to a wonderful place in a redwood forest where your only
      responsibility is to yourself. Everything is provided: food, lodging,
      peaceful, simple facilities. You will experience profound silence as you

      learn to still your mind through engaging in the practice of meditation.

      Make this great gift to yourself!

      Developing a Good Heart, Venerable Geshe Drakpa (Nov 17 - 19)
      Is this just fantasy? Or is there a real possibility that we can
      actually change our hearts in a profound and lasting way? Drawing from
      ancient secrets of Tibetan wisdom Geshe Drakpa (a highly accomplished
      and learned Tibetan meditation master) will explain, during this
      residential weekend, that developing a good heart is really possible.
      You will learn why a good heart is beneficial as well as techniques to
      bring this change about.

      Practical Wisdom for Everyday Life, Venerable Robina Courtin (Nov 11)
      Robina Courtin, a straight talking Buddhist nun, will lead this one day
      intensive. Hugely popular, Robina, the editor of Mandala magazine, has
      taught all over the globe and is in constant demand. Among other things
      she will explain how the mind works and how it is the source of our
      happiness or misery.

      Being a compassionate companion, Frank Ostaseski, Founding Director of
      Zen Hospice Project San Francisco. (Jan 26-28,2001)
      Caring for people who are dying can be an intense, intimate and deeply
      alive experience. It often challenges our most basic beliefs. It is a
      journey of continuous discovery, requiring courage and flexibility.
      Opening, risking, forgiving constantly. Taken as a practice of
      awareness, it can reveal both our deep clinging and our capacity to
      embrace another person's suffering as our own.
      This workshop presents a mindful and compassionate approach to
      addressing the practical, emotional and spiritual issues, which are
      inherent in this unique relationship. We will introduce traditional
      mindfulness practices, exercises designed to explore impermanence and
      grief and help us to develop the skillful means necessary to accompany
      those facing death with openness and love. This workshop is open to all
      and may be of particular interest to professionals or those who
      anticipate caring for family members or friends facing life-threatening

      We still have a long way to go to turn LMB around so please keep us in
      your thoughts and prayers.

      Best wishes

      Tom Flynn, Director
      Land of Medicine Buddha
      5800 Prescott Road
      Soquel, CA 95073
      Phone: (831) 462 8383
      Fax: (831) 462 8380
      e-mail: Medbudha@...
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