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Wisely Selfish

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  • lmbdharma
    Dear Friends, This Sunday July 6 is His Holiness Dalai Lama s birthday. We will be celebrating this by doing a one day retreat on Chenresig and the Eight
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      Dear Friends,

      This Sunday July 6 is His Holiness Dalai Lama's birthday. We will
      be celebrating this by doing a one day retreat on Chenresig and the
      Eight Verses of Thought transformation on Saturday and a Chenresig
      Guru Yoga practice on Sunday.

      July 5, Saturday, 10 - 5pm
      Wisely Selfish

      Developing Compassion for Self and Others
      - How to cultivate healthy self confidence, and having the courage
      to destroy self centredness, by meditating on the Eight Verses,
      invoking the blessings of Chenrezig, the Buddha of Great
      Compassion. All in a one day retreat!

      His Holiness often says: if you want to be selfish, be wisely
      "We can also approach the importance of compassion through
      intelligent reasoning. If I help another person, and show concern
      for him or her, then I myself will benefit from that. However, if I
      harm others, eventually I will be in trouble. I often joke...saying
      that if we wish to be truly selfish then we should be wisely selfish
      rather than foolishly selfish. Our intelligence can help to adjust
      our attitude in this respect. If we use it well, we can gain insight
      as to how we can fulfill our own self-interest by leading a
      compassionate way of life.
      In this context, I do not think that selfishness is wrong. Loving
      oneself is crucial. If we do not love ourselves, how can we love
      others? It seems that when some people talk of compassion, they have
      a notion that it entails a total disregard for one's own
      interests and sacrificing of one's interests. This is not the case.
      In fact genuine love should first be directed at oneself.
      There are two different senses of self. One has no hesitation in
      harming other people, and that is negative and leads to trouble. The
      other is based on determination, willpower and self-confidence, and
      that sense of "I" is very necessary. Without it, how can we develop
      the confidence we need to carry out any task in life?"

      So join us this weekend to meditate on Chenresig, using a practice
      booklet composed by Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche to generate compassion
      combined with the practice of om mani padme hum and meditation on 8
      verses of Thought Transformation. You are welcome to come for all
      or one or more sessions. Please register with the office: 831 462
      8383, so we can prepare a practice booklet for you.

      10 - 11am: Introduction to the Eight Verses
      11.30 - 12.15pm: Chenresig practice and Meditation on Verse 1 & 2
      Learn to cherish others, and deflate your exaggerated ego.
      12. 30pm: Lunch
      2 - 2.45pm: Chenresig practice and Meditation on Verse 3 & 4
      Identify negative emotions, and develop the courage to face
      unpleasant people
      3 - 3.45pm: Chenresig practice and Meditation on Verse 5 & 6
      Be the happy loser, and cultivate forgiveness
      4.15 - 5pm: Chenresig practice and Meditation on Verse 7 & 8
      Throw out the self cherishing, and disvover reality
      (5.30pm: Video of Heart of Tibet - documentary on His Holiness
      Dalai Lama)

      Suggested donation:
      Whole day: $60 - 50 (including lunch)
      Per Session: $15 - 10

      July 6, Sunday, 10 - 11 / 11.30am
      His Holiness Dalai Lama's Birthday
      Join us to celebrate His Holiness Dalai Lama's birthday. We will be
      perfoming a Chenresig Guru Yoga Practice: The Inseparability of the
      Spiritual Master & Chenresig, a beautiful practice written by His
      Holiness, and reciting the long life prayer of His Holiness,
      dedicating for His long and stable life.

      Lama Yeshe said:
      By practising guru yoga, by seeing the totally positive qualities of
      the guru, you can let your negative perceptions go. By practising
      guru yoga, you learn to understand that in reality, the guru is
      inseparable from the compassion and wisdom of Chenresig. And then
      you start to see the inseparability of these qualities and
      yourself. Another way of saying this is that guru yoga practice
      gives you the inspiration to develop your own human potential. When
      you see someone with such positive energy, such compssion and
      wisdom, you are powerfully affected, you want to be like that too.
      So definitely when you encounter such powerful, good qualities as
      great compassion and wisdom and see the possibility of having an
      everlasting good time, you will definitely think: Why not that,
      rather than confusion? And not just for yourself, but to help all
      universal living beings."

      All are welcome...

      And don't forget Ven Rita other teachings this week...
      Tuesday, July 1, 7pm: How to keep up a joyous effort in our daily

      Wednesday, 7pm, July 2, 7pm: Mind, Morality and Karma -- How and
      why karma works, How to purify our negative karma and create
      positive energy...

      Friday night at Sangralaya, Rita will continue her talk on how to Be
      your Own Therapist. Address: 111 Union Street, Santa Cruz, 7pm.

      All are welcome. By donations.

      Have a great week!

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