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  • lmbdharma <LMB@medicinebuddha.org>
    Dear Friends, * Losar, Mar 3, Monday * Ven Rene on Tuesday * Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche arriving on Wednesday * Spiritual Paths and Grounds - Ven George * Images of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2003
      Dear Friends,

      * Losar, Mar 3, Monday
      * Ven Rene on Tuesday
      * Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche arriving on Wednesday
      * Spiritual Paths and Grounds - Ven George
      * Images of Enlightenment - Jon Landaw

      Program on Losar, Tibetan New Year, Mar 3, Monday

      The first fifteen days of the Tibetan New Year (Losar) are special
      times for practice and celebrating the extraordinary activities of
      Shakyamuni Buddha, especially commemorating the time when
      Shakyamuni Buddha displayed a different miracle each day in order to
      increase the merit and devotion of the disciples and also to subdue
      the heretics. The karmic potential of any action performed on these
      days is multiplied by millions of times!

      On Mar 3, first day of Losar, we will be taking the Eight Mahayana
      Precepts led by Ven George at 5am. All are welcome to come.

      At 6am, we will be doing Palden Lhamo Torma and Tea Offering
      practice. Palden Lhamo is the wrathful aspect of Tara and her
      activities is to give protection in support of Dharma activities and
      clearing obstacles. Choden Rinpoche explained that on dawn of
      Losar, Palden Lhamo and her entourage descends, therefore there is a
      lot of benefit to perform the practice at this time.

      We will also be offering lights, in commemoration of the passing
      away of Lama Yeshe at dawn of Losar in 1984.

      We are very happy to have Ven Rene again this Tuesday before he
      leaves for Europe. Ven Rene will offer advice on practice based on
      Verse 5 of the Eight Verses of Thought Transformation: "When, out of
      envy, others mistreat me with abuse, insults, or the like, I shall
      accept defeat and offer the victory to others." Mar 4th, 7pm.

      Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche is coming back to rest in Aptos for a few weeks
      before leaving for a very busy 3 month tour of Europe, Russia and
      Mongolia. The flight details are:

      San Francisco International Airport
      SQ 002 (Singapore Airlines)
      Wednesday 5th March, At 5.30pm

      All are welcome to meet Rinpoche at the airport.

      Ven George Churinoff will lead a weekend workshop on "Spiritual
      Paths and Grounds". Starting on Mar 7, Fri 7pm through Sun,

      Lama Yeshe said of studying Paths and Grounds : "All the things you
      wanted to know about the lam rim but were afraid to ask!" What
      comes next, after you develop bodhicitta, where do you go from
      there? How do you practice? This is a good introduction to the
      depth and value of the study of the Basic Program.

      For registration, please call: 831 462 8383

      On Mar 7 & 14 at Sangralaya, Jon Landaw will give a talk on "Images
      of Enlightenment", introducing different deities -- Chenresig, Tara,
      Manjushri, Vajrapani -- and explain their symbolism and their


      You are all welcome to the above events. Happy Losar!

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