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Choden Rinpoche’s teachings….

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  • lmbdharma
    A warm hello to everyone, Here is the latest information on the last few teachings and events of Choden Rinpoche s time here at Land of Medicine Buddha.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2002
      A warm hello to everyone,

      Here is the latest information on the last few teachings and events
      of Choden Rinpoche's time here at Land of Medicine Buddha.

      Thursday & Friday, 7th & 8th Nov
      Final Lam.rim teachings 7 – 9 p.m.

      Saturday, 9th Nov
      10.30 a.m. Animal Liberation Ceremony
      Donations can be given to LMB Office before Friday, for us to
      purchase animals to liberate. This is an excellent practice to do
      for helping remove life obstacles for yourself or friends and family
      Choden Rinpoche will bless the animals before the Ceremony, which
      will be conducted by Ven Sarah.
      Please gather at the Prayer Wheel by the Gompa if fine, and inside
      the Gompa if wet, at 10.30 a.m. Please bring a trowel or gardening
      tool to dig places for worms to be liberated!

      2.00 – 4.00 p.m. Choden Rinpoche will teach on "Finding the
      at Home – How to Enhance Parent-Children Relationship"

      Sunday, 10th Nov, 10.00 a.m. Jangwa Ceremony (in Memorial Shrine
      Choden Rinpoche and hopefully, Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche, will offer the
      Jangwa Ceremony, which particularly . benefits deceased persons.
      Part of this ceremony is also appropriate for anyone with sickness,
      or those going through particular difficulties.
      It is anticipated that this Ceremony will break for lunch and
      continue after lunch. The exact length of time for the Ceremony is
      not known at this stage.

      Tuesday, 19th Nov 7 – 9 p.m.
      Amitayus Long Life Initiation.
      Commitments: Aspiring or engaging Bodhisattva Vows and a few mantras
      of Amitayus mantra daily.

      Wednesday, 20th Nov 10.00 a.m. (In Main Gompa)
      Long Life Puja for Choden Rinpoche.
      We regret that due to various reasons, it was not possible to
      schedule this on a weekend, but we hope that everyone will be able to
      take the morning off work and attend. It is much more auspicious
      for creating the causes for the Holy Guru's long life if a great
      number of people can attend this puja! Rinpoche has manifested
      unbelievable kindness, love and compassion in giving these five weeks
      of teachings – offering this Puja is one way we can reply this
      kindness and extend our Holy Guru's life.
      There are still quite a number of items which can be offered for this
      Long Life Puja. I apologise for not sending this list out on the
      egroup as requested. It is coming! However, you can call Ven Tsomo
      on 476 0865 to check this list and select an offering to sponsor.

      If you would like lunch here on Saturday or Sunday, please call our
      office – Dorje on 462 8383 – or fill out the sign up sheet on
      Registration Table before teachings on Thursday or Friday. $10 per

      Last but not least – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!
      For transporting items up to the Memorial Shrine Temple on Saturday
      afternoon after the teachings plus help setting up. Ven Tsomo will
      be co-ordinating this. Please let the office know if you can help -
      Dorje on 462 8383.

      Help needed in the kitchen and dining room areas – we can use
      every day until 12th Nov. Please call Erick on 462 8390 or Dorje on
      462 8383 if you have some spare time to help.

      Thank you all for your support and help over this time of Choden
      Rinpoche's teachings. Many people have helped in many different
      ways – too many to list here, but what each of you have offered
      been deeply appreciated.

      Kind regards,
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