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More Healing Activities at LMB

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  • lmbdharma
    Dear Friends of LMB, * Healing and Liberation with Segyu Choepel Rinpoche * Activate your innate Energy with Chui Nan Lai
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2002
      Dear Friends of LMB,

      * Healing and Liberation with Segyu Choepel Rinpoche
      * Activate your innate Energy with Chui Nan Lai

      Healing and Liberation (based on Medicine Buddha Practice)
      with Ven Segyu Choepel Rinpoche
      9th – 11th August 2002 (THIS COMING WEEKEND!)
      (Chinese translation provided)

      Ven Segyu Choepel Rinpoche is the Founding Director of the Healing
      Buddha Foundation. Segyu Rinpoche's formal education and monastic
      training in Buddhism is under the guidance of his Root Guru, Khensur
      Lati Rinpoche, who conferred upon him the gelong vows of an ordained
      monk. Rinpoche keeps a busy schedule as he tirelessly travels the
      world, offering teachings and humble service to all. The 98th Gaden
      Tri Rinpoche, Ven Jampal Shenpen, (holder of the Gelug lineage) as
      well as the senior masters of Seyue Datsang Monastery have identified
      Segyu Rinpoche as the reincarnation of Gyuchen Dorje Zangpo, the
      great 16th century Tantric master.

      Buddha taught that the root of all suffering is the flood of
      afflictive emotion in our mind, and that changing one's mind is the
      cure for all suffering and disease. In these teachings, Segyu
      Rinpoche will help us understand the nature of afflictive emotion,
      and how they arise from misunderstanding our true nature. By changing
      patterns of behavior and attitude, we open the doorway to joy and
      happiness, and eventually gain the ultimate healing of the
      enlightened mind. Rinpoche will also give instruction on Prana

      Fri, Aug 9, 7.30 - 9.30pm Teachings
      Sat, Aug 10 10am – 12.00nn Teachings
      2.00 – 5.00pm Teachings
      Sun, Aug 11, 10am - 12nn Teachings
      2.00 – 5.00pm Teachings and Medicine Buddha Puja

      Course Fee: $100 (Sangha members do not need to pay course fees)
      Lunch: $S10 per day (Please let the office know in advance if you
      are planning to have lunch here)

      Lodging & meals: $76 (Dormitory); $102 (Triple Rm); $121
      (Double Rm)
      Check-in: 9th Aug (Dinner at 6pm)
      Check-out: 11th Aug by 6pm

      Please registration, please contact: Ph: 831-462 8383
      Email: lmb@...;


      Activate your Innate Healing Energy: Restore the Bliss of Body and
      Dr. Chiu-Nan Lai, Founder of Lapis Lazuli Light
      Aug 31 & Sep 1
      9 am to 4 pm

      All aspects of our lives combine to create the totality of our body,
      mind and spirit. Learning how to identify and remove interferences to
      our health is the proactive process of healing! This important two-
      day workshop will teach us to:
      * Recognize the impact of life experiences on health.
      * Learn how to deal with chemical and electromagnetic pollution, and
      heal surgical trauma.
      * Use color, sound and visualization to activate the seven chakras
      and expand your awareness.
      · Integrate simple methods for detoxification.
      * Enhance your life energy!

      Course fee: $165 (including lunch)

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