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Monday 10th June - Solar Practice Day

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  • lmbdharma
    A warm hello to everyone, At recent teachings at Vajrapani Institute, Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche offered the following advice …… It is said that there are
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      A warm hello to everyone,

      At recent teachings at Vajrapani Institute, Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche
      offered the following advice ……

      "It is said that there are some particular times, and those times
      are related to the movement of the planets where we might have some
      winds entering into the central channel. This is something that might
      happen to some individuals, not to everybody. And this particular
      time is the time of the Sun and the Moon eclipse. When we talk about
      the sun and the moon although we look at them externally as these two
      stars or planets, internally we can see them as representing the
      white and red substances. The presentation that you are hearing now
      is a typical Kalachakara presentation.

      So it is said that at these particular times of the sun and the moon
      eclipse, for some individuals, some wind will start circulating into
      the central channel. Every time that happens this is considered to be
      a special occasion and whatever meritorious activity you engage in is
      said to be multiplying by hundreds of thousands of times. As a matter
      of fact it is calculated that every thing that you do at the time of
      the moon eclipse is multiplied a hundred thousand times and
      everything that you do during the sun eclipse is multiplied by twelve
      hundred thousand times. So you would understand that this would be a
      perfect opportunity for reciting a few mantras on these days and
      whatever meritorious activity. We say mantras is very good to be
      recited these days and again it will not happen like that for every
      individual but for some individuals these are very special days. So
      at this time and age where we are all very busy and we hardly have
      time to complete our commitments, so for all of us who are busy just
      check your calendar for the next moon and eclipse and just catch up
      with recitation and other Dharma work....."

      So as Monday, June 10th is a partial solar eclipse at 6.17 p.m. (sun
      obscured 65%), we are hosting a "day of practice" at Land of

      This is an opportunity to increase your merits by just spending a few
      hours up in this Pure Realm of Holy Objects, natural beauty (and good

      10:00-11:00 AM Morning prayers & 35 Confession Practice
      11:30-12:30 AM Meditations on Compassion
      12:30-1:30 AM Lunch
      2:00-4:00 PM Animal Liberation
      (Bring a trowel if available)
      4:30-5:00 PM Ksitigarbha practice in front of statue (To
      avert danger and purify obstacles)
      6:00 PM Dinner
      7:00 PM Daily Silent Meditation and dedications on behalf of
      7:30 PM Medicine Buddha Practice (bring offerings if you

      Please call Land of Medicine Buddha office (831 462 8383) and make a
      reservation if you're planning to have lunch or dinner with us on
      this day.

      With love, Sally & all at Land of Medicine Buddha
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