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Relic Show in San Jose this weekend

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  • lmbdharma
    Dear Friends We are delighted to pass on this news to you about another showing of the precious relics of the Buddhas and past great masters this weekend in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2002
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      Dear Friends

      We are delighted to pass on this news to you about another showing of
      the precious relics of the Buddhas and past great masters this
      weekend in San Jose.

      Happy New Year!!!


      "Relics can benefit not only those with faith but also those
      without faith, as well as bless the environment. The blessing of the
      Relics pervade the whole world but when we actually see them, we
      receive the blessings directly."
      Venerable Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche


      Due to the overwhelming popular demand at the previous Relic Show in
      October when over 1,000 people came to see and be inspired by the
      sacred Relics of the Buddha, on Saturday 5th January 2002 at Chua Duc
      Vien Temple, San Jose, for one day only, these holy Relics of the
      Buddha's body will be made available for viewing.

      This unique and unbelievably precious collection includes the Relics
      of Shakyamuni Buddha, Kasyapa Buddha (tooth relics pictured above),
      Buddha's disciples - Maudgalyana, Ananda and Shariputra as well
      as many other revered Buddhist Masters from Chinese, Tibetan and
      Indian traditions.


      There will also be teachings by a revered Tibetan Lama who will
      explain the spiritual significance of the Relics, where they have
      come from and the benefits we gain from viewing them.


      There will be a unique Blessing Ceremony where each person will be
      allowed to receive a personal blessing. The Relics of Shakyamuni
      Buddha will be placed on each person's head. This is of
      unbelievable benefit because it purifies so much negative karma and
      creates positive virtue or merit in the mind of the blessed person.

      A revered Tibetan Master, yogi and scholar, Ven. Kirti Tsenshab
      Rinpoche says: "What happens when you are touched on the head by
      relics depends on the amount of faith you have. If you see them as
      ordinary, then nothing special happens for you. If you have
      conviction and faith then your body is blessed. If course it goes
      without saying that you mind is also blessed."

      The Relics will eventually be enshrined in the heart of an enormous
      Maitreya Buddha statue to be built in India in 5 years time. Maitreya
      is the next Buddha to descend to earth to give teachings. The statue
      symbolises universal love – the importance of having a kind
      heart. If we cultivate this attitude towards each other, then world
      peace is the inevitable result.


      10am Opening Ceremony - Procession of Relics into the Temple
      10.15am Vietnamese Chanting led by Rev Dam Nhat
      10.30am Ceremony led by monks of the Gyuto Tantric Monastery of Tibet
      11am Teaching by senior Tibetan Lama
      11.30am Blessings of the Buddhas – Blessing Ceremony

      Lunch Break

      2pm video screening introducing the Maitreya Project
      3pm detailed information about the Relics and spiritual Masters
      5pm Relics leave the Temple

      Throughout the day there will be an opportunity to make offerings,
      prostrate and circumambulate the holy Relics. You are welcome to
      attend all or part of the Program. There is no entrance fee.

      We welcome you to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - please tell
      as many people as you can and bring your friends and family members
      so that they too can receive blessings from the Buddhas.


      Chua Duc Vien Temple is at 2420-2440 McLaughlin Avenue, San Jose. You
      can get there by car from the Freeway 101 take Exit for Tully Road or
      from Freeway 280 take Exit McLaughlin Avenue. The cross street is
      Tully Road. You can check www.mapquest.com for driving directions. Or
      you can take a number 26 bus or a number 72 bus.

      For more information contact relictour@... or tel:
      831 479 4313 or visit www.maitreyaproject.org/relictour

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