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53igloo time

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  • lizardhead_igloo-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Nov 27, 2013
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      Hey everyone,

      It's time. We figured everyone might want to ski whatever is open on Saturday. Sunday, dust off your snowshoes, bring shovels (the grain shovels work best) and a tarp for dragging snow if you have one and your working gloves and let's get the walls up! 

      This year's site is off of Cross Mountain trail head, a couple of miles beyond Lizardhead Pass. We will meet at 10:30am. If people want to carpool (recommended as there is less parking than up on Lizardhead) meet across the highway from the Conoco at 10:00am and pool up!

      I've been on the mend from a back issue and will be a bit limited so invite a couple friends and let's assemble a small army!
      See you up there,
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