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SD chapter 11

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  • ta26417
    To answer your questions about which would I read, I d say both!!! I ve bought most of your stories except the newest one I believe; still trying to find a job
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2012
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      To answer your questions about which would I read, I'd say both!!! I've bought most of your stories except the newest one I believe; still trying to find a job so my book buying budget is really, really, really small.

      Even though you've being doing this for eight years; I found and fell in love with Dangerverse late, maybe four or five years ago. So yes a lot has changed in your life, but I believe in all of our lives. The biggest thing is that your story (version) of Harry Potter, is more than what JK wrote! I want to say realistic, but I know that's not it; I want to say Danger fills the roll of 'what if', Letha does too, & Meghan, well let's just say that all three have filled the 'what if' category. And the fact that Draco if so much better, well for those who have studied 'Nature or Nuture' both Harry & Draco fill that slot; in Dangerverse & Canon.

      Now having answered your questions/comments; thanks for not repeating the 'memories' yes I'll look them up when I have the time, considering a lot of my books are in storage.

      For those that don't remember I moved to Phoenix, AZ from Los Angeles, CA back in June 2011; now it seems I may be moving back in March or April. Though I'm working my way on getting the ebooks; which is what my book money is going for now anyways. Believe me having to hall over ten books of just books & textbooks was not easy.

      Anne??? I didn't realize that Dumbledore knew Pride hands signs; Did I miss that or When did that happen????

      I really liked the set up that you did with the Pride and Dumbledore; letting them all know at the same time so that Harry or Hermione didn't have to repeat everything; basically where they could all ask their questions & no one feeling left out.

      About taking your time to post: at least you post!!!!!! I follow several authors and most post every couple weeks to every month, to every six months, but I have two authors that haven't posted in years. One has said that he's finished the original story that I follow but because he's working on the sequel he has to go back and change things, and then real life get's in the way. But at least he lets us know that he is still alive. The other author hasn't posted in six years (I think) could be seven; don't even know if she is still alive, her yahoo group has be over run be spam & no way of contacting her, she even stopped posting to her blog; don't think she had facebook or myspace at that time.
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