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Re: [livingwithdanger] Re: Hestia's Question we didn't answer

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  • Danielle Ruddy
    well i think you said it best when the books and the lexicon yeilded nothing about the charm.....It s possible that not even rowling knows all the
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      well i think you said it best when the books and the lexicon yeilded nothing about the charm.....It's possible that not even rowling knows all the specifics.....so I think that it is up to your interpretation....there is enough leeway for you to decide exactly how you want it to work for your story.......thats the nice thing about HP fanfiction....there is so much to work with.......

      Hestia Hesperus <october_rose25@...> wrote:
      Seriously, that was awesome, Evangelyne! Thank you so much for doing
      all of that research for me. I have scoured HP Lexicon and the Harry
      Potter books, but they haven't told me what it is I am looking for
      exactly. So I supposed I need to basically go on theory, here.

      Now, if the location of the Potters' residence at the time they
      performed the Charm and went into hiding was hidden inside ONE person
      (in this case, Peter Pettigrew), then that would mean that only he
      would be able to tell it to anyone else. Dumbledore knew where it was,
      Sirius knew where it was, Hagrid knew where it was, but none of them
      could so much as even give a hint that they knew anything as to the
      Potters whereabouts. Only Pettigrew would be able to tell someone the
      Potters wanted to know where they were hiding. Dumbledore was
      powerless to tell them himself.

      BUT what I would like to know is: if the Potters lived in Godric's
      Hollow for a while (or planned to, in any case), than would that mean
      the NO ONE would be able to see them and know that the 'neighbors next
      door' are actual people and that the place is not just haunted? Does
      the Charm only work on Wizards? Or just on the people that it is done
      against? In the 'Prisoner of Azkaban', someone says that "Voldemort
      could be peering right inside their window, and he wouldn't even
      know", does that mean that the house is invisible? Or does it just
      mean that he would just think them an ordinary family?...or that no
      one even lives there at all?

      And if the Charm was cast on the house instead of the people inside,
      does that mean that every time the Potters' went out---to the
      neighboring park, say, for their small son---they were targets for
      Death Eaters? What if a Death Eater just happened to be strolling
      along, looking for other victims to torture when he suddenly saw a
      woman that looked like the one his master had been looking for? Or
      does the Charm prevent ANY wizard from recognizing them?

      I am so confused! I know that I asked for it, but I need to know! The
      book in question has my characters witness it first hand, and the
      catatrophe it all caused. I know that none of you might have the
      answers I am looking for, but PLEASE just tell me what you think about
      the whole mess!

      Thank you SO MUCH, again, Evangelyne, for helping me! It did wonders!

      Signed, Hestia

      In livingwithdanger@yahoogroups.com, "Evangelyne" <nawaan@e...> wrote:
      > I hope it's not too late, or you've run down Flitwick since then.
      > The Fidelius Charm is the seclusion of a piece of information inside
      a single living soul.   As long as the secret keeper lives, so the
      secret remains closed.
      > The secret can encompass anything that CAN be hidden (paradox not
      withstanding, that's almost anything.)  Using the HP books as a guide,
      you can see in Professor Flitwick's general explanation that the house
      could remain visible, but the viewer would not be aware that the house
      was the one in question, or that the persons being hidden were inside.
      Generally speaking, you need to lock up both location and people in
      > Anyone can be let in on the secret.  However, if they aren't the
      secret keeper, there's not a lot they can do about revealing the
      information.  The magic of the Charm acts to prevent them from
      revealing even peripheral information that would have allowed the
      seeker to find the place under normal circumstances.  It's an
      enormously complicated and powerful charm.
      > Anything I can help with?  Charms are a Ravenclaw specialty - I'm
      not much good with Transfiguration,  but Charms I know.
      > Hope that helps,
      > -Evangelyne
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    • Evangelyne
      I m glad to help. It s a very smart, very advanced charm, not like the primitive (but brilliant) one on the Chamber of Secrets). It obviously doesn t make a
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        I'm glad to help. It's a very smart, very advanced charm, not like the primitive (but brilliant) one on the Chamber of Secrets). It obviously doesn't make a person forget they exist, because Slughorn was not in on the Secret of the Order, yet remembers that it exists in his intro in HBP.

        Theoretically, the charm would have concealed the secret "Lily and James Potter can be found at XX Address, Godric's Hollow." The things that would therefore be lost are A - the Address, and B - Lily and James Potter. Harry could not have been included because, even if his parents were dead, no one could have found him without Peter's help. The charm would have lifted if its subjects were dead, which it evidently did.

        If Sirius, for example, was there when the Charm was done, he would have had to be told the secret or, once he left, he would lose the information. Likewise, anyone within the zone of the secret would lose it. In theory, someone who means no harm might have no problem seeing the Potters out on the street generally, but could not find them at home, or could not remember that it was their home or that they were there. They Potters could go to you, but you could not go to them.

        Is that what you needed?

        I hope I have your answer,

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