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  • Wendy Meuse
    Apr 2, 2014
      Hi all:

      I am so excited. I just got word Wednesday that I have been accepted into our assisted living apartment complex called Delta King.
      it is all kind of sudden and I have been scrambling trying to get packed and arrange to do everything I have too to sell my mobile
      home, but oh man I am excited. I just found out after a two and a half year wait that my name finally came to the top. Lucy, the
      one who manages the complex has said that she is looking forward to me moving in. She came to my mobile home to interview me, and
      she feels that I have a lot to offer the other residents of Delta King. I will be moving in as of April the fifteenth so that I
      can get everything in there by May the first. As you know, my health has been kind of going downhill since january especially, so I
      really can not live on my own especially here in the trailer court. I will still have my own apartment, but there are people around
      and I can get help if I need it. the rent is expensive. Well compared with other rents here, not really. They go by seventy
      percent of your income. but it includes a lot of stuff. The apartments are one bedroom but cute as could be. The bedroom is quite
      big. there is a walk in closet as well. There is a coat closet with storage room that should hold quite a bit. the bathroom is
      huge with a huge counter with sink and a wonderfully big shower with railings around it that you can hold onto as well as a fold
      down seat. The living room is a bit on the small side, but I am sure i will manage. there is also a fairly big balcony to sit out
      on. The kitchen is huge. There is a full size stove and fridge as well as lots of cupboard space. its grate! You can be as
      dependant or independant as you like. There are home support services available if you need personal care such as help showering or
      laundry. also you get your lunch and dinner already cooked by a sheff no less. also a morning and afternoon snack are included.
      You get these personal services. there is also a fitness room available. Also once a month, hair dressing as well as nails. You
      have to pay for this, but there is also a massage therepist available. I know that the rent is six hundred and seventy a month for
      me because of my income, but it is well worth it in my opinion. I like the fact that there are lots of people around and they seem
      to be really friendly. also included in the rent is gas, hydro and basic cable. There is a common room where there is a big screen
      tv as well as three computers if you want to use them with free internet. there are also things set up like puzzles and games. of
      course because of my screen reader, I can have my own computer and internet which I do have to pay for. I am right near the
      hospital, Over Weightea, and lots of places to take walks if I like. it is going to be so much better for me. they have a bus and
      we take trips into Terrace, the next town over to go shopping if we would like too. it just sounds like it is going to be grate. I
      will tell you more about it as I find out. wish me luck. I may not be on the computer much for the next two weeks, as I am going
      to be very busy but that does not mean I won't be thinking of you all. Please pray for me if you are so inclined and I will be
      praying for all of you. karen I hope that Fred's situation will be rectified and I will be praying for you both. Love you guys.
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