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32178fic hunting

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  • georgy_grl
    Sep 5, 2012
      Hey, all.

      Firstly, loving Surpassing Danger. As usual. Must get around to reading it again.

      I'm awfully sorry to do this, but i've been hunting for a couple of fics for quite some time. I'm pretty sure that Harry's either the Royal Wizard, a Queen's advisor of some sort, or Royal himself in them.

      And no, I'm not hunting Royal Prerogative or Muggle Summer Wizard's Fall, just so you don't offer those two.

      I'm pretty sure in one of them the family of Mark Evans are Harry's maternal relatives, and his maternal grandparents are part of the peerage. I Think Harry is named Royal Wizard in that one, with advisors from each of the four houses.

      The only detail I remember from the other one is that in the first chapter, Neville tells his grandmother that its time to tell Aunt Elizabeth about Harry. (Aunt Elizabeth being a familiar reference to Queen Elizabeth 2)

      Oh, and there may be a thrid, where Prince Charles introduces Harry to one of the clubs that the peerage uses, and says that people are addressed semi-informally, and using their title, which means that Harry is addressed as Gryffindor, and Prince Charles is addressed as Cornwall.

      Sorry, but hunting those fics is driving me NUTS!!
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