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John Harland, how do you figure things out?

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Hi John, I look forward to interviewing you by Skype about the ways that you ve figured things out in different areas of your life, such as math, physics,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2011
      Hi John,

      I look forward to interviewing you by Skype about the ways that you've
      figured things out in different areas of your life, such as math,
      physics, music, hiking, engineering, real estate, managing, teaching,
      studying, raising a family and your personal life. I hope we could talk
      for 30 to 60 minutes, which I will record. Then I will edit the key 10
      to 15 minutes of what you say and add 5 to 10 minutes of my own
      commentary to make for a 20 minute audio podcast. I would try to record
      you in video, if we can on Skype, and I might also do a video version.
      Your a wonderfully well-rounded thinker and I am sure you'll inspire me
      how I'd like to profile people.

      I share below my proposal to innovators who'd have me work to document
      "ways of figuring things out" in areas they care about, such as science,
      finance, nanotechnology, insurance, real estate, climate change,
      geopolitics, social work and so on.

      I've made a list of more than 200 ways that I've figured things out in
      my philosophy and in my life:
      I've sketched a theory of how they fit together:
      which includes both "relative learning" (basically, the traditional
      scientific method) and "absolute learning" (what I've developed myself
      since 1982 to work out absolute answers).

      I've started writing some of them up, for example, "Deduce Geometry from
      where I provide examples that matter to me from my personal work. I
      also provide examples from other people, such as Valdis Krebs's analysis
      of political book purchases at Amazon:
      Here are more ways I've written up:

      I want to make a living from building up this resource, which I think
      and hope ultimately can ground a culture of people who share ways to
      figure things out, especially as games, as Dave Gray, Sunni Brown and
      James Macanufo are doing with "Gamestorming" http://www.gogamestorm.com

      My thought is that innovators would benefit if I documented their
      methods, and their colleagues' methods, in their areas of expertise, as
      I propose.

      I appreciate your help to pursue this, improve this, and find who might

      Thank you!



      I'm seeking innovators, individuals or businesses, to contribute $5,000
      or $10,000 that I expand the Self Learners directory of Ways of Figuring
      Things Out.

      For $5,000, I will:
      * Document 20 or more "ways of figuring things out" from their area of
      expertise, such as math, science, computer science, engineering,
      biochemistry, genetics, medicine, law, finance, administration,
      security, journalism, fashion, cooking, agriculture and so on. (80 hours
      of work)
      * Interview 10 people about the methods they have found useful for
      innovating in this area and in other areas of life. These may be people
      they identify. (20 hours of work)
      * Create and publish 5 audio podcasts presenting such thinkers, each
      20-minutes long, including my commentary on their methods. (20 hours of
      * Create and publish a 5 minute video summary of "ways of figuring
      things out" in this area. (16 hours of work)
      * Summarize my findings in an article, approximately 2,000 words, along
      with diagrams. (16 hours of work)
      * Engage 10 online communities by email, blogs, Twitter, etc. to share
      these results and collect more. (32 hours of work)
      * Consult or train by Skype for up to 10 hours. (16 hours of work)
      * Credit the innovator as the sponsor in all of these works, at the Self
      Learners Network directory, and in the online communities.

      I will note especially how creativity in the innovator's area of
      expertise is relevant to other areas and vice versa.

      I will do the work over a 6 month period. I expect to work about 200
      hours total. All of the deliverables will be in the Public Domain.

      This is my generic proposal. I will gladly tailor this, for example, to
      consult or train at events, internal or external. For $10,000, I will do
      twice the work above, will work over a 12 month period, and will be
      especially available for custom projects.

      Andrius Kulikauskas, ms@..., +1 (773) 306-3807, @selflearners,
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