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"The Road to Reality" by John Penrose

Hi Pamela and all, How are we doing? I'm working on my philosophy, trying to pull together all that I've thought about, especially from God's point of view. I
Andrius Kulikauskas
Jul 2

Re: on observation and what prevents seeing

Keep those lights shining of goodness and it will spread around the earth. 🌍🌃🌅 Sent from my LG Optimus L70™, a Cricket 4G smartphone ... Thank you
Jan 14

Re: on observation and what prevents seeing

Jinan, Thank you for thinking of me and sharing your writing. I'm wondering how best to respond to you? I share your letter with my group Living By Truth,
Andrius Kulikauskas
Jan 6

First Thursday chat today with Pam and Andrius

Hi from Vilnius, Lithuania! I invite you today to join Pamela and me for a First Thursday chat at the Kabissa forum. We're linking up with colleagues in
Andrius Kulikauskas
Dec 4, 2014

Underground philosophy circuit?

Dear Kilian Jörg, I learned of you through Markus Petz. He told me that you are organizing an "underground philosophy" circuit in Vienna. I want to
Andrius Kulikauskas
Oct 28, 2014

Re: Andrius's book excerpt at P2P Foundation Blog

Kevin Flanagan, I am very grateful for your thought-provoking response to my post at the P2P Foundation Blog. I share your letter with my online group, Living
Andrius Kulikauskas
Oct 6, 2014

Andrius's book excerpt at P2P Foundation Blog

The P2P Foundation Blog has posted an excerpt from my e-book, "The Truth: From Relative to Absolute":
Andrius Kulikauskas
Sep 27, 2014

Map of deepest values. Herman Dooyeweerd.

Hi from Lithuania. I want to write about the progress that I'm making in my philosophy. I'm creating a map of our "deepest values" and related concepts. I
Andrius Kulikauskas
Aug 20, 2014

Re: Andrius staying in Lithuania

Doug, Thank you very much for your encouraging letter. How are you doing? I'm curious what creative pursuits you're pursuing. You're very talented in so many
Andrius Kulikauskas
Jun 26, 2014

Re: Andrius staying in Lithuania

Andrius, I have to admit I am sorry you will not be coming back to Chicago soon, at least to visit. I was looking forward to seeing you again and your
Doug Binkley
Jun 23, 2014

Re: Andrius staying in Lithuania

Yes... breaking news... the lightning and the thunder from the clear sky
Jun 22, 2014

Andrius staying in Lithuania

Laura and all, I share some news from my little home in the Lithuanian countryside. I've decided to stay here and not use my airplane ticket back to Chicago.
Andrius Kulikauskas
Jun 22, 2014

Re: Special request in support of my work in DC next week with the C

Yes I will, Perry.  Just put numbers for our rep & senators on my phone.  If you want to forward the web addresses to your mailing group to simplify things
Gary Foster
Jun 19, 2014

Special request in support of my work in DC next week with the Citiz

Dear Friends As most of you know I have been actively involved with the Citizen's Climate Lobby for several years now, and will be going to DC to lobby our
Perry Recker
Jun 18, 2014

Our thoughts on the media?

Grant, I share your letter with my online groups Living By Truth, Minciu_Sodas_EN and Minciu_Sodas_AR. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/livingbytruth/
Andrius Kulikauskas
May 16, 2014
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