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Digital DIGEST - LIVE UPDATE Issue 25

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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2001
      For the HTML edition of this newsletter, please refer to
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      DIGITAL DIGEST - http://www.digital-digest.com
      Your "whenever I have time to write one" newsletter
      Wednesday, 13th June, 2001



      0. Section Zer0 - An Introduction to this Issue

      1. GPL - Why all the Fuss?

      2. Best Movies in the World - coming soon to DVD!!

      3. DVD Price Increases - coming soon too??

      4. Donate to Digital Digest - PayPal payment option added

      5. New Programs at Digital Digest

      6. How to Cancel/Change Your Subscription Email Address/Settings
      - how to maintain the subscription to this newsletter even if
      your email address has changed

      7. A Simple Thank-you
      - a thank-you message for all those that joined this list


      0. Section Zer0

      Welcome to this, the 25th issue, of the Digital Digest LiveUpdate
      newsletter. It's been a quiet few month, for DVD/DivX.

      While there had been some new and exciting tools released, such as
      NanDub SBC (for encoding of DivX with maximum quality + minimum file
      size), but overall, there haven't been much new since our last
      newsletter in March. There hasn't been any new lawsuits, no new
      codecs (like issue 23's WMV V8 or last issue's DivX4Windows codec),
      and I don't think the media has covered DVD/DivX much lately apart
      from their usual "DVDs are so popular" and "DivX will destroy
      Hollywood" type stories. But as mentioned before, there has been
      quite a few new DVD/DivX tools, worth downloading (see section 5 -
      New Programs at Digital Digest - below).

      Have fun =)

      -- DVDGuy


      1. GPL - Why all the Fuss?

      Recently, there has been some fuss over the GPL (GNU Public License).
      The GPL requires that if a program uses open-source code as a major
      part of it's programming, then that program should also be release
      under the GPL (and hence the source code must also be released).

      The problem arose when Vidomi (http://www.vidomi.com) used source-
      code from VirtualDub, without releasing it's own source code. What
      this has done is turned an open-source program, into a closed source
      one. While this might not have any impact on your average user, but
      just think if Microsoft took some open-sourced code, modified it, and
      then released it close-sourced, shrink-wrapped, and sold it for
      $99.95 - then we begin to see why the GPL is so important.

      Vidomi supporters have claimed that VirtualDub is just a tool used
      for ripping/converting DVDs and making illegal DivX movies, so
      VirtualDub supporters have no right talk about legal issues. This is
      far from the truth. VirtualDub does not feature CSS decrpyting
      abilities, and cannot even open MPEG-2/DVD files (so the claim that
      it is a DVD ripper/converter is false). VirtualDub does allows one to
      make DivX movies, but so does almost every AVI compatible video
      converter/encoder/editor. Making a DivX movie is no different to
      making an AVI movie, so VirtualDub and almost every other tool on
      DivX Digest are really just AVI tools. In fact, Vidomi is the one
      that has a built in DVD ripper and hardwired encoding to the DivX

      Vidomi programmers have also tried to release source code for parts
      of their program, acknowledge that their program uses VirtualDub
      code - basically everything but actually releasing their source code.

      The point here is not which software is better, or what they do - the
      GPL doesn't really care about that. While in this situation, neither
      VirtualDub nor the average user will suffer too much if the GPL is
      not followed, but this will set a dangerous precedent, and a
      devastating blow to the open-source/GPL community.

      Links for this article :
      VirtualDub Official Site - http://www.virtualdub.org
      Vidomi Official Site - http://www.vidomi.com
      Slashdot discussion on this issue -
      Read the GPL - http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html


      2. Best Movies in the World - coming soon to DVD!!

      They may not be the best movies in your opinion, but according the
      Internet Movie DataBase (http://us.imdb.com/top_250_films), The
      Godfather and Star Wars both rank amongst the top 10 movies of all
      time (Godfather at #1 and Star Wars at #7). These two movies,
      according to Amazon.com, are also the most requested DVDs of all time

      The good news is that both movies, along with my personal favorite,
      Forrest Gump, will be coming soon to DVD. In fact, in the time I was
      writing this article, The Godfather DVD Collection became available
      for pre-order
      Forrest Gump is also available for pre-order
      In case you are wondering, I'll be purchasing both the Godfather
      collection and Forrest Gump.

      There is also word that Star Wars Episode One DVD will be released
      around the same time as The Godfather collection

      Time to hit the bank account again =)

      Links for this article :
      Godfather DVD collection -
      Forrest Gump -
      Most requested DVDs of all time -
      The Digital Bits Rumor Mill -


      3. DVD Price Increases - coming soon too?

      According to a link posted by DVD Infomatrix
      (http://www.inmatrix.com), DVD prices could skyrocket up 50-100%
      higher if the movie studios get their way (and they almost always

      This all has to do with adding a rental-pricing window to DVDs, so
      the studios can get back more money from the rental of DVDs. You can
      use the article link on the bottom of this article to find out more.

      I can see one of those vicious circles starting to form. First, the
      studios worry about the "predicted revenue" lost from piracy and
      other sources (such as DVD rental), decide to increase prices. The
      minute they do that, piracy increases because many consumers cannot
      afford the new higher prices. The movie studios sees the increase in
      piracy, and starts calculating a new figure "predicted revenue" lost
      from piracy, and decide to hike up the price again ... and so on and
      so forth.

      Links for this article :
      Is the Price Right? -
      DVD Infomatrix - http://www.inmatrix.com


      4. Donate to Digital Digest - PayPal option added

      You can now donate to us using the PayPal service, which a couple of
      visitors has recommended to us. Previously, this payment option
      wasn't available to those with non US bank accounts, but they have
      now added some support for international bank accounts.

      You can donate to us here :



      5. New Programs at Digital Digest

      Below are the new programs that have been added/updated to DivX/DVD
      Digest after our last newsletter was released (on 10th March 2001).

      DivX Software :

      Audio : http://www.divx-digest.com/software/#encoding
      AVI2WAV 3.1
      Morgan Stream Switcher 0.94

      Calculators : http://www.divx-digest.com/software/#calculators
      Advanced DivX Calculator 1.95
      Bordivx 1.0 Beta
      DivX Bitrate 1.00
      DivX ;-) Bitrate Calculator 1.1
      Divx Bitrate Spank Meister 1.0
      DivX Calc
      DivXCalculator 1.1
      DivX File Size Calculator
      DivX Scene Patch Calculator 1.0
      Ecuador's AVI Bitrate Calculator 2.0 Release 4
      FeZ Bitrate Calculator 4.0.1
      Gordian Knot Calculator 0.14 Beta
      Griffin Media Consultant Beta 1
      Johnny DivX 3.1
      [ m A d ] DVD Bitrate Calculator 1.1
      Tony Savon's BitCalc 0.3
      Video Res(ize)r Calculator 1.00
      Video Resizer Calculator 1.1

      Codecs : http://www.divx-digest.com/software/#codecs
      3ivx MPEG-4 Codec 1.0d3
      DivX4Windows 4.0 Alpha 50
      DVD2CD Codec & Filter Pack 2.0
      Tsunami Codec & Filter Pack 3F
      Microsoft WMV version 8 playback Codec

      Conversion :http://www.divx-digest.com/software/#encoding
      AVI2WAV 3.1
      AVI Constructor Pack
      bbMPEG and AVI2MPG2 b18
      DVD2AVI (w/ VFAPI Plug-in) 1.75
      MPEG2AVI PX3 0.1.5
      MPEG2AVI SVE 2.1
      MPEG-4 Codec Defaults 1.1
      NanDub SBC beta 22
      NanDub+BRC 1.00
      Time2Frames 0.9
      TINRA 0.03
      Windows Media V8 encoding utility

      Cut/Join : http://www.divx-digest.com/software/#cutjoin
      ASFCut 2.0 Beta 1
      AVI Revolution

      Editing/Fix : http://www.divx-digest.com/software/#encoding
      Alphatv AVI Editor 1.0
      AVI DeFreezer 1.0
      DiVFix 1.05
      Synchronizer Beta 0.05

      Filters : http://www.divx-digest.com/software/#codecs
      DivX AntiFreeze 0.3
      DivXG400 1.81
      DirectVobSub 1.21
      Morgan Stream Switcher 0.94
      VobSub 1.54

      GUIs : http://www.divx-digest.com/software/#gui
      Fast DivX 2.2
      TINRA GUI 1.2
      Windows Media 8 Encoder GUI 1.4

      Launchers : http://www.divx-digest.com/software/#launchers
      AutoPlay Menu Studio 3.0
      Autorun for Windows 2000 1.0
      Autorun Maestro 1.1.1
      DivXPlayer 1.0.0
      DivXtreme Launcher 1.1
      MediaLauncher 0.09
      MicroDVD Autorun 1.78

      Players : http://www.divx-digest.com/software/#players
      BS Player 0.834
      DivX Media Detonator 1.0.0
      GDivX Player 1.8.5
      HYPLAY Beta 1.0.417.17
      Koala Film Player 1.9
      MicroDVD Player 1.2
      miniPlayer + Playlist/Menu Editor 1.2.9
      The Playa 0.3.3
      PowerDivX NextGen 2.56
      Revelatex Media Player 2.0 Beta
      Ripnot 4.00
      SamiPlayer 0.95
      ShowDivx 1.8
      SubViewer 3.0 (0.4.3)
      Twins Video Player Beta 4
      VidAmp 1.0
      Vplayer 0.6a

      Rip-Packs : http://www.divx-digest.com/software/#encoding
      DVD2CD 2.0
      DVD:Reaper 2.8 Beta 2
      DVD-Universe MPEG4 Packages 1.0
      Easydivx 0.42
      FairUse Wizard 0.26 Beta
      Fast DivX 2.2
      G-Ripp 0.5c
      RipItAll 1.2
      Van DVD Naar DivX

      Subtitle tools : http://www.divx-digest.com/software/#subtitles
      DirectVobSub 1.21
      DVD SUBRipper 0.44
      KinGSub 0.91
      microAdjust 2.65
      MicroDVD Subtitle Position Converter
      SRT to SSA Converter 1.0
      SubAdjust 1.55
      SubEditFX 0.1
      SUB_MIST 0.2
      SubRescue 2.1
      SubRip 0.96b
      SubRip FPS Converter 1.0
      Subtitle Adjust 0.5
      Subtitle Adjuster for MicroDVD 1.41
      SubViewer 3.0 (0.4.3)
      Vplayer 0.6a
      VobSub 1.54

      DVD Software :

      Audio : http://www.digital-
      AC3-Decode 0.8.21
      mAC3dec 1.1
      VOB2Audio 0.1.0
      Wavefile Length Adjust 0.2
      WaveMP3 1.2

      Authoring : http://www.digital-digest.com/dvd/downloads/authoring.html
      Daikin ReelDVD 2.0
      DVD Junior 1.00
      DVD Wise 1.75
      Ulead GoDVD! 1.0

      Conversion/Encoding : http://www.digital-
      MPEG-1/2 to AVI tools
      VirtualDub Modified Versions
      MPEG-1 only
      FlasK MPEG Encoder 0.6 Preview 1.1
      FlasK Modified Versions
      MPEG-1 and MPEG-2
      Cinema Craft Encoder 2.62
      DVMPEG 5.09
      Digigami MegaPEG™ 1.5.7
      TMPGEnc Beta 12f
      WinCoder 1.0 B019.01C00
      Support Utilities
      Futile's TMPGEnc Batch List Maker (for VCD) 1.1

      Editing : http://www.digital-
      MPEG2VCR 3.11
      Ulead VideoStudio 5.0

      GUIs : http://www.digital-digest.com/dvd/downloads/encoding.html#gui
      AZID GUI 0.5
      Danni Din's MPEG2AVI/AC3DEC/vStrip GUI 0.20i
      VCDImager/VCDRip GUI 0.6

      Mac tools : http://www.digital-
      bbDemux 1.2
      Fair Use 1.0
      mAC3dec 1.1

      Playback : http://www.digital-digest.com/dvd/downloads/playback.html
      Cool DVD Soft 2.1
      DVD Subber Beta 0.3a build 356
      Elecard MPEG-2 Decoder 1.22
      Elecard MPEG-2 Player 1.30
      Eugene's DVD player 0.97.3 Beta
      FreeDVD 2.0
      ShowShifter 1.50.478
      Zoom Player 1.50

      Playback tools : http://www.digital-
      More PowerDVD Skins

      Region : http://www.digital-digest.com/dvd/downloads/region.html
      ATISelect 2.1
      CDVDInfo 1.3.0
      DVD-Finaly 0.1
      DVD Genie 4.00
      Region-free Firmwares
      Scavenger-region-set 1.2
      Toshiba (RPC-2) Region-changing Utility
      Zone Selector 4.2

      Ripping : http://www.digital-digest.com/dvd/downloads/ripping.html
      All ripping tools are now hosted by our partner site,
      RipHelp.com - please refer to them for the latest versions.

      Other : http://www.digital-digest.com/dvd/downloads/misc.html
      CD Burner :
      Nero Burning ROM 5.5
      File Transfer Utilities :
      BuddyShare File Sharing System 1.20
      eDonkey2000 29.15.48
      File Transfer Expert 0.10Beta3
      Gnucleus 1.2
      NewsReactor 1.0 Build 4447
      DVD Profiler 1.1.0
      Movie-Box Database 1.30
      RB-DVD Office 3in1 1.01.002
      PowerVCRII 3.0
      ShowShifter 1.50 Build 478
      WinCoder 1.0 B019.01C00
      WinDVR 1.0B051
      Other :
      MrShutdown 1.0
      ShutDown 1.2


      6. How to Cancel/Change Settings/Email Address for Your Subscription
      to this Newsletter

      Changing subscription status for this newsletter is pretty easy.

      To un-subscribe :
      - Send an email to liveupdate-unsubscribe@egroups.com using the email
      account that receives this newsletter.

      To change the email address that receives this newsletter :
      - Un-subscribe using your current one, and sign up using a new email


      7. A Simple Thank-you

      Just a note to thank all the thousands of people (3000 at last
      count), including you, who joined the DVD Digest LiveUpdate program.
      We've spent quite a bit of time developing this site, and making it
      what it is today, and really do appreciate your continued support.

      We have changed most of our click ads into banner impression ads,
      which means you no longer need to click on them, although it will
      still help my advertisers. And if you are interested in advertising
      on our site, or even on this newsletter, please contact us or refer
      to our Advertising page :

      Our contact :

      Advertising page (banner/button/cube) :

      Email Advertising (opt-in/out newsletter) :

      If you would like to provide us with some feedback as to the quality
      of this newsletter, please contact us using this email address :


      We hoped you enjoyed another LiveUpdate newsletter. We'll try to make
      this newsletter a regular fortnightly one in the future.


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