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Digital DIGEST - LIVE UPDATE Issue 43

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    DIGITAL DIGEST - http://www.digital-digest.com DIGITAL DIGEST | LIVE UPDATE Issue 43 3 March, 2004
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2004
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      DIGITAL DIGEST - http://www.digital-digest.com
      3 March, 2004



      1. Introduction

      2. DVD Digest Re-Designed

      3. How to cancel/change your subscription email address/settings
      - how to maintain the subscription to this newsletter even if
      your email address has changed

      4. A simple thank-you and some concluding words


      1. Introduction

      Sorry for the long delay between issues and the shortness of this
      newsletter, although I think if you read the announcement below,
      you'll understand why.

      -- DVDGuy


      2. DVD Digest Re-Designed

      I said I would do it, and while it took 3 months, it's done. The new
      DVD Digest is launched and ready to go. As I mentioned in the last
      issue, the redesign means a move from static HTML pages to scripted
      pages. Not only would scripted pages be easier to update in the
      future, it also allows some new features previously impossible with
      static HTML pages. The redesign also gives me a chance to freshen up
      the look of the site, which hasn't changed much since the original
      launch in 1999.

      First of all, I've introduced the notion of user accounts. By signing
      up to a free account (which takes less than a minute), you get access
      to some of the new interactive features on the site. These new
      features include giving each DVD software a rating out of 10, adding
      comments to news/editorial/opinion pieces and some more features
      which I will introduce in the near future. The rest of the site
      remains registration free, so casual visitors won't have to register
      an account. I've also made it easier to browse through our article
      and software archives (300+ software listed so far), with the ability
      to view the "most popular", "top rated" (based on YOUR user ratings)
      articles/software, as well as an improved category/sub-category
      system. I've also introduced "editor's picks" articles/software,
      which is a selection of hand picked articles/software that are highly

      Since the site is now easier to update, there will now be more DVD
      related news/editorial/opinion pieces (which registered users can add
      their own comments to, as mentioned earlier).

      The work is still not finished, and there are no doubt dozens of bugs
      that still need to be ironed out, but I think it's a good improvement
      on the original site. If things go well, look for a similar change
      for DivX Digest in another 3 months time :)

      Related Links:
      The "New" DVD Digest: http://www.digital-digest.com/dvd/index.php


      3. How to cancel/change settings/email address for your subscription
      to this newsletter

      Changing subscription status for this newsletter is pretty easy.

      To un-subscribe:
      - Send an email to liveupdate-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com using the
      email account that receives this newsletter.

      To change the email address that receives this newsletter:
      - Un-subscribe using your current one, and sign up using a new email


      4. A simple thank-you and some concluding words

      Just a note to thank all the thousands of people, including you, who
      joined the Digital Digest LiveUpdate list. I've spent quite a bit of
      time developing this site, and making it what it is today, and really
      do appreciate your continued support.

      I hoped you enjoyed another issue of the LiveUpdate newsletter. You
      won't have to wait seven more months for the next issue, I promise :)


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