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Digital DIGEST - LIVE UPDATE Issue 25 Supplement 6

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    DIGITAL DIGEST - http://www.digital-digest.com DIGITAL DIGEST | LIVE UPDATE Issue 25 Supplement 6 Your whenever I have time to write one newsletter Saturday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2001
      DIGITAL DIGEST - http://www.digital-digest.com
      DIGITAL DIGEST | LIVE UPDATE Issue 25 Supplement 6
      Your "whenever I have time to write one" newsletter
      Saturday, 1st September, 2001



      1. DivX Codec version 4.0 Final released

      2. DVD movie polls


      1. DivX Codec version 4.01 (Build 195) released

      A bug fix release that doesn't add too many new features, but does
      address some important issues left out of 4.0 Final.

      The full list of changes from 4.0 Final (Build 187) includes :

      * Fixed more problems with decoding 3.x
      * Incompatibility of codec with Vidomi encoder
      * Incorrect bitrate achieved during capture in '1-pass' mode
      with AVI_IO capture application
      * A few bugs in decoder implementation MPEG-2 inverse
      quantization ( not really used now, but necessary to claim that
      decoder is 100% compliant with MPEG-4 simple profile )
      * Slightly improved accuracy of RGB->YUV MMX/SSE conversions
      * Increased version number ( 4.0 -> 4.01 )
      * Some cleanup in help file, topic 'deinterlacing'
      * most important: hopefully fixed problem with some DivX 3.11
      clips fading to green between keyframes.

      You can download the codec here :


      You can also download the official DivX player, named The Playa (also
      been updated to 0.6.4), which includes the latest DivX codec as part
      of the installation package :


      Please post your experiences with the codec in our DivX
      Conversion/Encoding forum :


      Enjoy =)


      2. DVD movie polls

      The article below was originally posted on DVD Digest, on August 28.

      There are a couple of interesting polls in the DVD Movies section of
      our forum. The first is about how many DVDs you currently own, which
      is always an interesting thing to know. Another poll is about whether
      you like Superbit DVDs or not (Superbit DVDs are movies that are
      encoded in an extra high bit rate, for increased quality, perhaps at
      the expense of other things such as extras) - currently, titles such
      as The Fifth Element, Air Force One, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,
      Desperado, Johnny Mnemonic are being released as Superbit titles (and
      there is also a Superbit 3-pack, featuring Crouching Tiger Hidden
      Dragon, The Fifth Element and Desperado).

      The third poll is about The Matrix-Revisited, a extras-only DVD that
      has been released as an addon for The Matrix. Instead of re-releasing
      The Matrix with these new extras, Warner Bros. has decided to make an
      addon for the original release, at around the same price as a budget
      DVD title.

      You can view/take these polls here :

      How many DVDs do you have ?

      What do you think about Superbit DVDs?

      Matrix-Revisited - what do you think?

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