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Live Oak Zen schedule and next book

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    . Next Thursday, we will finish reading Mu Soeng s The Heart of the Universe - exploring the Heart Sutra . The following Thursday, April 14,
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      ·         Next Thursday, we will finish reading Mu Soeng’s “The Heart of the Universe – exploring the Heart Sutra”

      ·         The following Thursday, April 14, Peg Syverson, one of the teachers for the Appamada Zen group, has kindly agreed to visit us and give us her overview on the Heart Sutra.  I thought this would be a useful wrap up.

      ·         The next Thursday, April 21, we will begin a new book.  I am thinking that we have just finished two books that are more on the rational/philosophical/masculine side – Buddha’s Brain and Mu Soeng’s book on the Heart Sutra.  Thus, I think we could benefit by balancing this with a book that is more on emotional/feeling/feminine side.  To this end, I have attached three choices that have been recommended by Peg and Sue.  Please let me know your preference by entering a score in the following listing for each. 


      Score from 0 to 5 with 5 being the strongest interest and 0 being the least:






      Pema Chodren

      Start Where You Are


      Jack Kornfield

      A Path With Heart


      Sharon Salzburg

      Loving Kindness


      To do this scoring, first copy the table with no scores inserted yet.  Then paste it into a email to me: layover3@.... Then, enter your scores into the table and send it.





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