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862Fwd: [pbsangha] Registration is Open for our April Retreat!

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  • John Daniewicz
    Feb 3, 2014
      This is to get you thinking about attending a Zen retreat in the Thich Nhat Hanh tradition here in Austin. As described below it is a short three day retreat -- Friday evening April 11, all Saturday, and Sunday April 13 up until around 2:00 PM. Very importantly, it is a residential retreat so that you stay at the retreat center instead of going home each night. I have attended many non-residential retreats and only last year did I attend this annual, Austin Thich Nhat Hanh residential retreat; and the difference in impact was quite amazing -- just because there are no interruptions.
      The Thich Nhat Hanh spirit of this retreat is also very different from the Zen retreats I know from the Japanese tradition. Instead of very heavy emphasis on a lot of sitting meditation, this only happens about 4 or 5 times total for all 3 days and it is only in 20 minute increments. Instead, there are many other mindfulness practices such as walking meditations, deep relaxation meditation, mild yoga exercises, small "family" discussion groups that get together for sharing on all three days, mindful eating, and just mindful, smiling acknowledgment as we pass each other on the paths. Out of these many and diverse mindfulness practices comes a deep feeling of peace and connectedness with all life, which is in the spirit of Thich Nhat Hanh's and the Buddha's teachings.
      Many experienced practitioners from around the U.S. attend this retreat which give it a solid underpinning.
      Sue and I are planning to attend, and I hope you can make it. If enough of us do so, we can consider whether or not we want to have some time together at the retreat such as in one of the small family discussion groups.

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      Dear Sangha,

      We are happy to announce that registration for our April Retreat is open! The following is the post on our website. Let us know if you have any questions, this year (and as well as this preset moment) is going to be very special.

      Breathing...smiling :)


      Registration is Open for our 2014 Spring Retreat!

      Joyfully Together: Because One Buddha is Not Enough

      Friday April 11- Sunday April 13, 2014*
      Ancient Yoga Center
      151 Lotus Circle
      Austin, TX 78737

      Led by Dharma Teachers Chan Huy and Terry Cortes-Vega, and Plum Blossom Sangha

      How wonderful that you are considering to attend a Plum Blossom retreat! We are so excited to have this opportunity to share with you, whether you are very new to mindfulness or have had many years of experience, and we are happy to help you along the process so it is as enjoyable as possible. The following are steps to register for the retreat. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


      STEP 1: Read general Retreat informationHere you can learn about the retreat program, schedule, living accommodations, meals, and retreat fees.

      STEP 2: Fill out the online registration form.* Please fill out our online registration form. Registration opens February 1st and will close April 1st.

      STEP 3: Send Payment. This year, we have the option of making payments online or by check/money order. Attendees must send a minimum 50% deposit upon registration in order to finalize their reservation.

      • Online Payments: We process online payments through Paypal. (Note: Online payments require an additional online processing fee). Please click here to proceed to online payments.
      • Check/Money Orders: Checks may be written out to Plum Blossom Sangha and mailed to 2302 Westworth Circle, Austin TX 78704

      STEP 4Receive Confirmation email. You will receive notice once the payment is received. You will also receive additional retreat information and contemplations. For online payments, a confirmation email will be sent within 3-5 business days. For mailed check/money orders, confirmation will be sent within 7-10 business days.

      STEP 5. Attend the retreat! Easiest step of all.

      For any additional questions or help with registration, please email our registrar, Gale Spear (galespear@...)

      **For those applying for scholarships, complete STEP 1 to the best of your abilities, download and fill out the scholarship application, and email the application to Gale Spear  (galespear@...). We will walk you through the next steps. The application deadline is March 21st. Apply early for best consideration. The scholarship committee will review your application and you will be notified on or before March 31st.

      ***For Order of Interbeing/Aspirant members attending the Thursday Day of Mindfulness in addition to the retreat, please complete STEP 1 to the best of your abilities and then email Terry Cortes-Vega (terrycortes@...) to complete your registration.

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