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780Live Oak thursday Zen

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  • John Daniewicz
    Sep 11, 2013
      I am still looking for suggestions on books that we might read and discuss. Please send them in.
       Suggestions so far,
      1. from Sue, I have Pema Chodron, "Start Where You Are -- A Guide to Compassionate Living" or she asked, "Anyone know of another Pema Chodron that they really liked?"
      2. from me, Thich Nhat Hanh, "Going Home -- Jesus and Buddha as Brothers"
      3. from me, Michael Singer, "The Untethered Soul -- the Journey Beyond Yourself"
      For our reading/discuss this Thursday, we will do Chapter 1 from book #3 to give you a taste. And before we begin the meditations, I will do a short read from book #2 on the intentionality when one rings the bell and when one hears the ringing of the bell.
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