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774Live Oak Zen Thursday

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  • John Daniewicz
    Aug 28, 2013
      Thursday for the reading/discussion, we will do, "Do Not Forget Your Family -- Seek Justice." An interesting discussion of a most difficult subject -- social justice.
      And we will try a new song. Wish I could send you the tune, but my computer MP3 skills aren't there.
      And When We Rise
      And when we rise, let us rise,
      Like a bird – Joyfully!
      And when we fall, let us fall,
      Like a leaf –Gracefully!
      Without regrets.
      And when we stand, let us stand,
      Like a mountain – Solidly!
      And when we lay, let us lay,
      Like a babe – Calm and still.
      Reflecting all.
      And when we cry, let us cry,
      With a smile – All the while!
      And when we play, let us play,
      Like the ray – From the Sun,
      Rejoicingly! – Rejoicingly!
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