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Eastern Orthodox Communion

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  • LauraP
    Sorry, I forgot to include my info. Any comments would be appreciated. LauraP, talfaith66@yahoo.com
    Message 1 of 37 , May 15, 2013
      Sorry, I forgot to include my info. Any comments would be appreciated.

      LauraP, talfaith66@...
      --- In liturgy-l@yahoogroups.com, "LauraP" <buzebowlx@...> wrote:
      > Hello, everyone. I'm Laura, 47 Christian Married Mom of a toddler daughter, residing in the Toronto area in Canada. My family are Christians, attend church weekly, listen to Christian radio and try to be Christians the best we can be.
      > I was raised in the Eastern Orthodox faith of Ukrainian ethnicity. My parents immigrated to Canada from Europe after WWII, both born in the Ukraine, but came from different countires after the war then in Canada. They met and married in Canada.
      > Though I mostly attend a Pentacostal church with my family, I do attend an Eastern Orthodox church on a monthly basis mostly. Hubby was raised mostly Pentacostal and Catholic faith when he was previously married with his older children now. He was baptized Eastern Orthodox, but didn't attend church. I find the Eastern Orthodox church closest to my heart. When I became a stronger Christian, I started from the church I was raised in 1998.
      > A challenge I'm having with Hubby is that he doesn't accept Grace (daughter) taking communion in the Orthodox church. He believes it is unsanitary as you share the same spoon. I finally talked to my priest about this, and he hasn't heard anyone complain about it in the church. It's not easy taking my daughter to the Orthodox church, as she doesn't want to sit still, can be noisy - that sort of thing. When Hubby attends with me, Grace doesn't do communion. Sometimes he attends conferences dealing with his work (like this weekend), and I take Grace alone to church and do communion.
      > Anyone have any challenges like that? LauraP
    • LauraP
      I was told by Hubby no one reported it, so you can t prove anything. I have talked to the priest about it before Easter this year, and he s willing to talk to
      Message 37 of 37 , May 17, 2013
        I was told by Hubby no one reported it, so you can't prove anything. I have talked to the priest about it before Easter this year, and he's willing to talk to my husband.

        The church I attend is in Etobicoke as well. it's on Lake Shore Blvd West between Kipling and Brown's Line, next to Tim Horton's. I will be attending this weekend with my daughter. Hubby is at a conference. LauraP.
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        > From: Frank Senn <fcsenn@...>
        > Subject: Re: [liturgy-l] LauraP Newbie
        > As between receiving from the spoon or from the chalice, there's little
        > difference in terms of physical contact. You're putting your mouth where
        > someone else's mouth has been. But no epidemics have been reported in
        > connection with Holy Communion---not in the U.S., not in Canada, not
        > anywhere in the world. That's a miracle in itself.
        > After the SARS crisis in Toronto, the College of Bishops commissioned a
        > comprehensive medical study of the risks around the common cup. The results
        > surprised everyone. The risk of transmission of contagion by the common cup
        > was very low. What was was very high was the practice of intinction. The
        > dipping of bread into the cup means that fingers touch the cup and the wine
        > and that is raises the risk. In fact, the practice of intinction brings
        > into play the single most risky agent: the fingers of children. Ironically,
        > parents who think they are protecting their children through intinction are
        > exposing them to a serious source of germs. The College prohibited
        > intinction but it has proved difficult to convince people. Yet ask yourself
        > if you want your mouth to touch a surface that has been touched by someone's
        > fingers. I won't receive the cup if general intinction is alllowed. Churches
        > where it is the norm are being irresponsible.
        > The reports are archived on the website of the Diocese of Toronto:
        > http://www.toronto.anglican.ca/
        > Doug Cowling
        > Director of Music
        > St. Philip's Church, Etobicoke
        > Toronto
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