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Re: [liturgy-l] Re: Two-tier masses?

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  • Ian Gomersall
    I too have doubts about the many liturgies, one theology approach. Doesn t the liturgical difference produce in itself different theologies? Differering ways
    Message 1 of 19 , Dec 5 12:49 AM
      I too have doubts about the 'many liturgies, one theology' approach.

      Doesn't the liturgical difference produce in itself different theologies? Differering ways of speaking of God - theologies.

      The ordinaritae rite comes from a different theological background to, say, the rite of the Uniate Armenians. I suspect that will lead to different theological outlooks if not different theologies.

      Similarly the theology of Opus Dei - to an outsider - seems rather different from the theology of some RC priests in latin America, or have a missed a point there?


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      On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 4:56 AM, James <rdrjames@...> wrote:

      But remember that the various eastern Orthodox bodies respect each others' episcopates, and have the same ecclesiologies and concelabrate frequently (greek, russian antiochian etc), and even share episcopates and priestly clergy now and then. Just sayin'!

      rdr. James Morgan

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      > > Cowling! For the win!
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      > Actually, to get this back to liturgy, I¹m interested in the apparent rise
      > of liturgical pluralism in the Catholic Latin church with various groups
      > ³competing² in a diverse parish marketplace. That has always been for me a
      > mark of the dynamism of development in the Anglican church and appears to be
      > manifesting itself in Catholic practice. I¹m also wary of statements like
      > ³one theology: many rites.² The Eastern uniate churches have very different
      > ecclesiologies even though they have a Western juridical overlay.
      > Doug Cowling
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      Ian Gomersall

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