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Re: [liturgy-l] Help please: what language may Roman Catholics use?

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  • Tom Poelker
    In short, no. The approved texts in the various vernaculars are to be used for the sake of the congregation. The books approved by the national/regional
    Message 1 of 50 , Mar 5, 2008
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      In short, no.

      The approved texts in the various vernaculars are to be used for the
      sake of the congregation.
      The books approved by the national/regional episcopal conference for
      specific languages should be used. Languages and books not approved by
      the relevant episcopal conference are not to be used. The Novus Ordo
      Latin is the default text.

      Traveling parties of another language may bring and use their home
      country books for their liturgical celebrations, but it would be illicit
      for a visiting presider to use his own vernacular's text for a
      congregation not familiar with that language. If they do not have a
      vernacular in common, the presider should use the Novus Ordo Latin
      original texts printed in the Sacramentary. Lay readers should proclaim
      the Scripture in the local vernacular from the approved Lectionary.

      I hope this covers the situation you have in mind. This is the letter
      of the law as I understand it. What happens in actuality and what is
      justified under a broad interpretation of pastoral need might be another

      I am sorry that I don't recall which documents or texts to cite. I
      would expect that it would be the very early, post-Vatican II
      implementation documents. Note that the recent permissions for Latin in
      special circumstances were for use of the Tridentine Missal of Paul V
      and that the Novus Ordo Latin has always been permitted and officially

      Tom Poelker
      St. Louis, Missouri
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      bpeters@... wrote:

      > Greetings
      > I understand Roman Catholics in liturgy may use Latin
      > and/or the "vernacular".
      > I am looking for a rule, regulation or otherwise to clarify "vernacular".
      > Eg. I understand it would be fine to use some (authorised) Spanish in
      > RC liturgy if there was someone present in the congregation who spoke
      > Spanish...
      > But can one, for example, use (authorised) French liturgical texts in
      > Hong Kong - when no one in the congregation uses French?
      > Where is this specified please?
      > Thanks for any help
      > Bosco Peters
      > www.liturgy.co.nz

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    • asteresplanetai
      +++ hi. Ooops!!-- Yesterday I wrote ... that should be titles are NOT indifferent and interchangeable , of course. Thanx, John burnett.
      Message 50 of 50 , Mar 13, 2008
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        Yesterday I wrote

        >> 4. Why are Father or Son any less titles than Adonai or Messiah?
        >> Don't
        >> all human terms describe limited aspects of the unlimited Divine?
        > they are all titles, but titles are indifferent and interchangeable.
        > They have specific meanings. See below.

        that should be "titles are NOT indifferent and interchangeable", of


        John burnett.
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