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RE: [liturgy-l] Hindu Mass?

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  • Gregory Holmes Singleton
    Jon Sebolt wrote:
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 11, 2006
      Jon Sebolt wrote:

      <<Yes, the article itself is a bit of an inflammatory piece,
      but does
      remind me of another figure in attempts to bridge East and
      West: Dom
      Bede Griffiths.>>

      Which, in turn, reminds me of Dom Aelred Graham (1907-1984),
      whose ZEN CATHOLICISM: A SUGGESTION (New York: Harcourt,
      Brace & World 1963) is, IMHO, still wroth reading . As I
      recall (I haven't read it since I purchased it soon after
      the publication release date), Graham's only liturgical
      suggestion was the incorporation of meditative techniques
      into the daily office.

      For a useful obituary, see:


      There was an ongoing connection between Graham and Thomas
      Merton: sometimes harmonious, sometimes tempestuous, and
      always enlightening. But that takes us away from liturgy
      and into the realm of Roman Catholic monastics'
      participation in inter-religious dialogue. Thus, please
      disregard everything following ". . .into the daily office"
      above. :-)


      Gregory Holmes Singleton, Ph.D.
      Professor of History, Emeritus
      Resident Old Curmudgeon
      Northeastern Illinois University

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