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9385Mary Douglas

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  • asteresplanetai
    Aug 1 10:07 AM
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      Blessed be God.

      > From: "Patrick Murphy" <patsyjoemurphy@...>

      > Mary Douglas. She is one of the finest
      > anthropologists of our times. Her work on the Lele is outstanding. Her more
      > theoretical work, Purity and Danger, offers powerful explanations for
      > understanding the concept of taboo; and it makes sense of aspects of the
      > Hebrew scriptures better than any study that I know.

      She's also written two other books, one on Numbers and one on Leviticus.

      for the one on Lv. I note with chagrin that it's now $15, whereas I
      paid $70 for the hardback (with a discount!) One of the best and most
      insightful treatments I've ever seen.

      And I can say the same about the value and price of her book on
      Numbers: see http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=6WYSG4B2DQ&isbn=019924541X&pwb=1

      If you're interested in the OT, I'd say you must read these two books!


      John Burnett