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9011Re: [liturgy-l] Vestments & Colours

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  • Paul Weary
    Jun 1, 2002
      M. Thannisch wrote:

      "I am told that in Africa, white is a sign of morning, and that in Ethiopia, red is a sign of resurrection."

      Recently I prepared some prayers of thanksgiving for a member of my church who is an Ashanti from Ghana, in memory of her mother who died earlier this year. She showed me a video of the funeral in Ghana - a most impressive occasion. I was curious to observe that the family mourners wore black and red robes, the presiding ministers red stoles and many of the congregation had a red ribbon pinned to their clothes.

      Apparently, for the Ashanti, red is the colour of deep mourning, explained to me as symbolising that 'our eyes are red with sorrow'. the red ribbon is equivalent to the black armband worn in western countries.

      However, when we included the prayers of thanksgiving in worship several weeks later, all the family members who came were dressed in black and white. I'll have to check what the particular symbolism behind this is...


      Paul Weary
      Croydon, UK

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