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  • Mailathon.Com
    Oct 1, 2001
      October 1, 2001 will be the formal launch date of Mailathon.Com, a new
      fundraising tool for charitable organizations.

      Mailathon.Com is pioneering the concept of partial donations whereby a
      donor receives a premium with a street price that is double the cost of
      the minimum partial donation.

      The partial donation is then subdivided with the premium supplier and
      the benefiting organization taking equal shares. Everything over the
      minimum partial donation is also credited to the benefiting

      This formula encourages the following:

      1. Donations where they otherwise would not have existed.
      2. First class premiums.
      3. No maintenance on the part of the benefiting organization.

      A Mailathon.Com mailathon can be established in approximately 5 minutes
      and provides an ongoing fully automated fundraising tool for any size
      organization with payments made every 2 weeks.

      By simply including your Mailathon.Com link code at the bottom, every
      email that you or your supporters send out instantly becomes a
      fundraising tool.

      * We have set up a a fully functional example which will benefit the
      Salvation Army.

      Example: Click here to help raise funds for the Salvation Army.

      For more information or to start a mailathon, please go to:


      Thank you,

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