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6216Re: [liturgy-l] Re: The Gospel of John and three year lectionary

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  • Jan J.H.Hofland
    Sep 6, 2001
      Hi all,

      A 'lectio continua', a 'continuous reading' was advocated by John Calvin
      (of all people!) for Protestant churches as a good method of reading an
      entire Bible book, for instance, a chapter per Sunday. His reason was that
      illiterate people (and there were a lot of those in the 17th century) would
      eventually hear the entire Bible being read in church.

      This practice did not last long in the Calvinistic branch of protestantism.
      Interestingly enough, the 'Ecumenical Lectionary' now used by all mainstream
      churches in The Netherlands, re-introduced this principle. This time not
      because many people are illiterate but (I suppose) because many people are
      not exactly avid readers of the Bible ;-). This month we're reading from
      Colosians. As ministers, we're not expected to preach on this reading or
      even expected to link this reading to the other readings.

      My question is, what are the real historical roots for this reading?

      Jan J.H.Hofland
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