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6206Re: [liturgy-l] Re: The Gospel of John and three year lectionary

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  • James O'Regan
    Sep 6, 2001
      Kenneth Doll wrote and I snipped:

      > Could you elaborate on what you
      > mean by a "sharp turnaround"?

      Then sharp turnaround would have been when Rome pounced on Spain
      forbidding Mozarabic use except in Toledo and, I think, one other
      church, sometime in the late 1100's, if I recall correctly..

      And also, does a "lectio continua"
      > necessarily imply a three year lectionary?

      Nothing necessarily implies a three year lectionary and neither was
      I. A lectio continua may be sufficient for such an implication.
      Nevertheless, given the number of non festive Sundays, if one has a
      substantial lectio continua without a three year cycle then one has a
      one year cycle based on one "synoptic" gospel only. Rather paucitic
      and them Mozarabes were hardly that. They had buckets of flourish so
      if one sees a lectio continua in a Mozarabic context, it's a good
      place to start looking for the other two (or more) years. There is
      sufficient implication for a search.

      James O'Regan
      tel 613-824-4706
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