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6171Re: [liturgy-l] Re: The Gospel of John

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  • James O'Regan
    Sep 5, 2001
      Kenneth Doll asked:

      > Do you have any source for your claim above that the three year
      > lectionary is an ancient use?

      The church in Milan 4th century; Spain and Gaul late 4th century;
      Rome until fifth century; Byzantine Church until 7th century; also
      ancient Palestinian lectionary cycle of Torah.

      See Norm Bonneau's "The Sunday Lectionary - Ritual Word, Paschal
      Shape", The Liturical Press, Colleggeville, 1998, ISBN:0-8146-2457-X,
      p. 36

      If Norm is correct, one can presume that Mozarabic use had a sharp
      turnaround in 12th century and Gaul before that. I had a very quick
      look through Vogel and didn't see anything pertinent, although he
      does give examples of lectio continua in a Mozarabic book.

      James O'Regan
      tel 613-824-4706
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