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6144Re: [liturgy-l] The Gospel of John

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  • Simon Kershaw
    Sep 1, 2001
      Krister Ulmanis wrote:

      > >I am reading John. Why does the church focus on the first three
      > >Gospels and not have a four-year cycle that includes an equal focus on John? I
      > >guess I don't like to see anyone's writing given what appears to be lesser
      > >importance.

      As an aside, the Joint Liturgical Group (on which the 'major'
      denominations in the British Isles are represented) came up with a
      four-year scheme about 10 years ago, or thereabouts. But this did not
      catch on, and most of the churches which had followed the JLG's
      early-1970s-ish 2-year scheme (which did not follow any particular
      gospel) have mostly abandoned it for the RCL. The four-year scheme was I
      believe, largely the work of the then United Reformed Church minister in
      this town, Donald McIlhagga, thoroughly revised by his fellow members of
      the JLG.

      Simon Kershaw
      Cambridge, England
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