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  • Ian Gomersall
    Jun 4, 2014
      Dear Friends

      I'd be interested in your thoughts / experiences on 'thin places'... I know its not directly liturgical - but it seems to me that liturgy itself can create a 'thin place' and liturgy in some locations 'works' better than in others etc...

      At present I am on sabbatical. One of the areas I am finding out more about is 'thin' or 'liminal' places.

      I'd be delighted if you had any thoughts on this.

      And if you've interest, and time, do say a special place (and why) of yours... I'd be interested and so, I'm sure would be others.

      You could either comment at that blog entry or of course reply here.

      Of course such places may be quite personal - not necessarily pilgrim sites (though they may be such...)

      Many thanks.

      Ian Gomersall

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