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44189Re: [liturgy-l] Tablet: "Lapsed Catholics can join ordinariate" - 12 July 2013

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  • David Waller
    Jul 15, 2013
      That is the key point. The Ordinariate could never have happened in the form it has without the Communion Ecclesiology of Vatican 2 and it's development by Joseph Ratzinger.  

      It arises from a situation when a group of Christians who already share a degree of communion through baptism, now ask to come into full communion on the basis that they accept the faith as set forth in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the  accept the petrine ministry. Pope Benedict, I think, believed that in such circumstances he had an obligation as the successor of Peter to enable that fullness of communion.  

      Not everyone will want what was offered, although those who have accepted the offer do not appear to regret doing so. But it really is rooted in Vatican 2 ecclesiology.

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      The new complimentary norm is a clarification regarding a specific context. It covers cases where someone has been baptised (may also have made 1st communion) and then lapsed. If they then return to practising their faith via the ordinariate, they can complete their initiation (confirmation) in the ordinariate and thus come under its jurisdiction.

      Thanks. That makes a lot more sense in the post-Vatican II ecclesiology.

      Doug Cowling
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