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44182Tablet: "Lapsed Catholics can join ordinariate" - 12 July 2013

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  • Douglas Cowling
    Jul 14, 2013
      Lapsed Catholics can join Ordinariate - 12 July 2013

      "Baptised Catholics who lapse from their faith and then return will be
      allowed to join the ordinariate. The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of
      Walsingham was created by Pope Benedict XVI to allow Anglicans to be
      received into the Church while retaining elements of their identity.
      Originally only former Anglicans were allowed to join the new
      structure but an amendment to the group's norms, approved by Pope Francis
      recently, means that Catholics who have been baptised but have not
      completed the sacraments of initiation - confirmation and Communion - can
      join the ordinariate. In a statement, the ordinariate said that this move
      confirmed the place of the ordinariates within the Church "not simply as a
      jurisdiction for those from the Anglican tradition, but as a contributor
      to the urgent work of the New Evangelisation"."

      Can someone clarify the theological rationale behind this? Is this a
      significant number of candidates?

      Doug Cowling
      Director of Music
      St. Philip's Church, Etobicoke
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