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  • Jim .
    Apr 27, 2013
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      He hasn't explained why he is putting it in the floor. I believe the high alter (pre Vat-II) has a relic in it, but the post-Vat-II table does not have a relic.  At the moment I do not know what knd of container the relic is in.
      I'm sure on the night of the installation we'll understand a little bett.
      As for his explaining his rationalization...he hasn't ...probably won't. He'll rely on rubrics, as he does with everything else....the GIRM seems to have grown roots into his left hand.

      Never Forget Newtown

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      Is the relic in what is called a thecla or relic holder, something like a pix with a glass cover, or is it simply wrapped in paper and sealed with a red sealing wax?  The latter were generally enclosed in a small receptacle embedded in an altar; the former were used for veneration of the Saint whose relic was contained therein.  In either case I don't understand why your pastor would want to install the relic in the floor of the sanctuary.  What is his raitonale for this decision?



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      Good morning,
      Recently our parish pastor announced that he had received a relic of a recently canonized American saint....can't remember her name off hand.....
      He said that on May 10 he would install this relic on our altar... actually, in the floor of the sanctuary... during a vespers service.
      I was always under the impression that relics in local parish churches were installed in the alter itself.  Secondly, our altar is on a raised  "false" floor, at least 3 feet higher than the main floor of the church. Is the relic in some kind of special container? reliquary? Shouldn't it be on display? or at least in a more honored place other than in the floor?
      Could I have misunderstood what he means by the floor? 
      Finally, I thought that since Vatican II there was a de-emphasis on this kind of relic adoration....for lack of a better term.

      Thank you,

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